Wisconsin High School State Powerlifting Championships

Osceola High School, Osceola, WI
March 8-9, 2014



I really didn’t know what to expect after making the 1,100 mile trip to the Wisconsin High School State Powerlifting Championships. Without a doubt, my preconceived expectations were blown away (more on this in the future).

The meet was hosted by Osceola High School with the assistance of Phillips & River Falls. This is an interesting model of meet directing that allows several smaller schools to pool together physical and human resources in order to pull off a successful large meet. Jeff Hahn (Osceola), Jeff Shillinger (Phillips), Randy Brettingent (River Falls), and Charles Eaton (River Falls) produced a wonderful meet.

The spotters and loaders are members of the U of Wisconsin – River Falls Football Team; they looked great wearing their jerseys. They were instructed by the platform staff and did a really good job.

307 athletes competed over the two day event. USAPL Wisconsin State Chairman, Tonya Lambeth, secured quality officials and enough national judges for the breaking of American Records (they were busy).




97lb Class (7 Competitors)

Taylor LaChapelle had a rough start. She only made her opener of 265lbs and her two attempts of 290lbs were just a bit too much today. This was a bit of a surprise based on her latest success. Despite the disappointing squat, she rewrote the Wisconsin record books today. She finished with a total of 720lbs and all 4 state records.



Taylor is only a freshman at Adams-Friendship. Over the next three years, could she could own 25% of the state records? The 105lb and 114lb state records are held by Michelle VanDusen, who may be considered the best female Wisconsin lifter of all-time. Taylor’s next meet is High School Nationals in Killeen.

Finishing second in the 97lb class was Stephanie Rattunde of Necedah. Stephanie started the success of the Necedah team with three successful squats. She finished with a respectable total of 640lbs.

Stephanie Rattunde

Stephanie Rattunde


105lb Class (11 Competitors)

Trystyn Hutchins (Necedah), missed 290lbs on her third attempt squat; she did not look back after that. She had an impressive total of 675lbs.



Finishing second was her teammate Ashley Cross. She missed her second and third squat of 265lbs. If she makes one of those two attempts she would have been closer to challenge Trystyn during deadlift.



Third place went to Amanda Heredia of Racine Horlick (545lb total).


114lb Class (14 Competitors)

This was an anticipated flight to watch with Kailee Guth (Adams-Friendship) and Breann Housworth (Necedah) at the top of the class.

Kailee had a very impressive day! She was clearly focused and ready for this meet. She went 9 for 9 and totaled 775lbs (anchored with a 360lbs deadlift).

Also having a successful day was Breann Housworth. She finished second with 715lbs.


123lb Class (20 Competitors)

Lauren Lent of Whitnall HS couldn’t have had a better day! I wouldn’t describe Lauren as a dive-bomb squatter, but she has a very rapid and controlled descent. This technique definitely works for her and she squatted a huge 405lbs on her third attempt. She truly has a world class squat.

Lauren Lent after her successful State Record squat of 405lbs.

Lauren Lent after her successful State Record squat of 405lbs.


After squats, it seemed like Lauren was put on cruise control by Whitnall coach, RG Luckow. The rest of her attempts were easy. She went 9 for 9 and totaled 900lbs (at a bodyweight of 118.2)! The 900lbs total clipped WHSPA Hall-of-famer Alexa Schillinger’s state record total.

Lauren is sitting at #1 in our national rankings as the best High School lifter in the country. She seems to be ready to hold off several Texas girls at Nationals to claim the final #1 ranking of the year.

Finishing with solid performances were Jordan Whipple (750lbs) second place and Sam Kroll (740lbs) third place.

Sam Kroll (Eau Claire North) with a deep squat.

Sam Kroll (Eau Claire North) with a deep squat.



132lb Class (22 Competitors)

Aree Dezort from Iola-Scandinavia came out in full force for the meet. She only made her opening squat of 335lbs. However, with a record breaking bench press of 195lbs, she separated herself from the rest of the competitors. She finished with an 890lbs total. She is capable of much more in the future.

Aree Dezort

Aree Dezort


Autumn Herried (Necedah) finished second with a total of 775lbs.

Amanda Zielinski (Necedah) totaled 760lbs to edge out Alex Ziepke (Neenah) for third.


148lb Class (20 Competitors)

Teagan Schwab (Neenah) came into the meet as the favorite. However, Anna Heid (Kaukauna) was not ready to concede so quickly.

Anna missed both her squat and bench openers which did not help her when it came to deadlift. The potential win was loaded on the bar, but she was unsuccessful. Anna finished with an 850lb total.

Going 8 for 9 and having the higher deadlift helped Teagan Schwab stay in the lead and win the state championship. She totaled 865lbs, which is not far from the state record of 890lbs.

Samantha Sherwood with a 785lb total finished third.


165lb Class (8 Competitors)

Nicole Lynch (Necedah) was in control during the entire meet. She went 9 for 9 and totaled 900lbs. I would expect to see this total increase at high school nationals.

Emily Kopecky of Phillips finished close behind Nicole with an 865lb total.


181lb Class (14 Competitors)

I am no longer scratching my head about how the 181lbs class will shape up at High School Nationals. Lacey Winters (Necedah) is ready to step up a weight class and score major team points.

Lacey had a spectacular day. She went 9 for 9 and most of her third attempts were easy. Her lift is the deadlift! She shattered the state record today by 25lbs, finishing with 410lbs. She totaled 900lbs.

Lacey Winters with a new 415lbs State Deadlift Record.

Lacey Winters with a new 415lbs State Deadlift Record.


One of the most heated battles of the day was for the second spot in this class. Karley Wyngaard of Neenah had a lot at stake (even though she might not have known it). She made her final deadlift to go ahead of Kaija Newman (Osceola).

With Karley Wyngaard’s second place performance, Neenah’s team moved into a tie with Racine Horlick for the Division 2 state title.  Neenah would win the tie breaker based on Teagan Schwab’s first place in the 148lbs class.  This was unexpected since Neenah only had four girls lifting in the competition. We can speculate and calculate as much as we want, but things happen. That’s the reason everyone shows up at the same place and time to compete.


198lb Class (8 Competitors)

Johannah Theisen from REG had her eye on several state records today. She was successful on both the squat (450lbs) and bench press (195lbs), but fell short on the total record. However, she totaled 1,055lbs on her way to an easy victory and state title.

McKenzie Curtis finished second with a 915lbs total from River Falls.


SHW Class (12 Competitors)

This was an interesting battle between two ladies who train together everyday. From Riverdale, Tiara Thomas and Cassie Bradley have pushed each other way ahead of others in the state.

Tiara Thomas started the day with a nice squat of 450lbs on her second attempt. After a missed 470lbs third attempt, she was solid the rest of the day. Making the rest of her attempts, she totaled a smooth 1,000lbs.

Tiara Thomas

Tiara Thomas


Where Tiara excelled in squat, Cassie Bradley excelled in the deadlift. Cassie totaled 1,025 to capture the day-to-day battle with her teammate for the state championships.

Brittnye Lang from Racine Horlick finished third with a 935lbs total.


Outstanding Lifters
1. Lauren Lent – Whitnall HS – 497.0 Wilks
2. Taylor LaChapelle – Adams-Friendship HS – 459.9 Wilks
3. Aree Dezort – Iola-Scandinavia – 455.4 Wilks

Team Champions
Division 1 – Adams-Friendship
Division 2 – Neenah HS (A MAJOR upset, by beating Racine Horlick with only 4 lifters)
Division 3 – Necedah HS


Necedah High School - Division 3 Wisconsin State Champions

Necedah High School – Division 3 Wisconsin State Champions




114lb Class (15 Competitors)

Kenny Johnson from Racine Horlick ran away with the win. Kenny out squatted teammate Corbin Langrell (Racine Horlick) and the rest of the field by 40lbs.

Kenny had a successful record deadlift of 405lbs and finished with a 925lbs total.

In second place was Kenny’s teammate Corbin Langrell; he totaled 815lbs.


123lb Class (18 Competitors)

This class was decided by the lightest lifter during weigh-ins. Who has the advantage in this situation? The bigger deadlifter.

Taking the lead after his third squat was Eliazar Torres of Milwaukee Marquette who finished with 375lbs.

After a disappointing third attempt squat miss of 390lbs, Danny Voelkl from Whitnall HS knew it was going to be an uphill climb (and a successful last deadlift) to bring home the title.

After bench press, Eliazar was in the lead by 25lbs, and then in the lead by 5 after opening deadlifts.

Since Danny was the lighter lifter, coach Scott Schubert of Whitnall was then able to submit second and third attempt deadlifts of 25 more pounds to match Eliazar’s total on each lift.

Eliazar finished with a 365lbs deadlift on his third. Danny pulled through with his successful 390lbs deadlift and the win. They both totaled 920lbs.

Finishing third was Bobby Teal (Arrowhead) with a 875lbs total. Bobby actually attempted 405lbs for the win, but was unsuccessful. This was the only attempt he missed all day.


132lb Class (20 Competitors)

Michael Voekel had a great start to the day by finishing with 440lbs squat on his third attempt. He seemed to cruise through bench press. His second attempt deadlift of 410lbs, sealed the win. Michael finished with a 1,050lbs total.

Going 9 for 9 and totaling an even 1,000lbs was Mark Miller of River Falls.


148lb Class (18 Competitors)

This class came down to the last deadlift!

The battle between Romellow Dawson (Adam-Friendship), a big deadlifter, and Cory Adamczak (Necedah), a big squatter, did not disappoint!

Cory adverted a disastrous start from an opening squat (that slipped off his back) by finishing strong with a 545lbs squat on his third.



Romellow finished with 480lbs on his second attempt, which was 65lbs less than Cory.

They both benched 230lbs.

After a 60lbs difference in opening deadlift attempts, Cory was still in the lead by 5lbs (and lighter bodyweight). They both had successful second attempts. Coach Mach only jumped Cory’s third attempt deadlift by 10lbs (485lbs). After a successful pull, Cory would have to wait for Romellow’s final pull. As one of the more intense moments of the entire weekend, Romellow attempted 555lbs for the win.

Romellow made a great effort, but was not able to lock it out. He finished with a 1,240lbs total and the silver medal.



Cory Adamczak is the champion of the very intense an entertaining 148lbs weight class with a total of 1,260lbs.



Kennaniah Rouse of Logan finished in third with a 1,180lbs total.


165lb Class (28 Competitors)

The largest class at the Wisconsin State Powerlifting Meet was dominated by one lifter, Dustin Van Asten of Kaukauna. Even though he did not have his best day, Dustin was still 85lbs ahead of the rest. He finished with a 1,325lbs total.

Levi Petroske (Waupaca) finished second with a 1,240lbs total.


181lb Class (15 Competitors)

Even though he didn’t have his best day, Ryan Gray of Eau Claire North was very much in a league of his own today. After a new state record squat of 680lbs and bench press record of 350lbs, he totaled 1,585lbs. He fell short of his goal to beat the state record total of 1,615lbs.



Finishing second was GET’s Jason Hanson with a 1,310lbs total. Zach Hansen of Osceola made an attempt at second place, but came up short.

Donovan Brown - 181lb Class

Donovan Brown – 181lb Class



198lb Class (13 Competitors)

“Where did this guy come from?” – Many People

New to WHSPA powerlifting is Jordan Plantiko. He made up for showing to party late by wowing everyone in the room. Jordan went 9 for 9 and totaled 1,505lbs for an easy win. However, his ability was not touched today. Everything was super easy!

Cody Anderson, from Eau Claire North, finished second with a 1,385lbs total.


220lb Class (13 Competitors)

Drake Ambroch from Whitnall had one misstep during his second attempt squat. Things could have unravelled for him, but he came back and hit a gutsy third attempt 730lbs squat. This set him up for cruising the rest of the day. He finished 8 for 9 and a 1,635lbs total.



Seth Rodriguez (Arrowhead) was 8 for 8 going into the last deadlift and 75lbs out of first place. However, he loaded up 630lbs for the win. It was a gutsy attempt and made it half the way up. He finished with a 1,560lbs total.


242lb Class (12 Competitors)

Hometown favorite Alex Stoll (Osceola) put on a great show for the crowd. He went 8 for 9 with a total of 1,560lbs. Alex only weighed 222. The move up to fill this class proved to be a good one.

David Schilcher from Osh Kosh North attempted for the win on his third attempt, but was unsuccessful. He totaled 1,545lbs.


275lb Class (15 Competitors)

Osh Kosh North’s Caleb Alsteen only missed one bench press; he put together a nice total of 1,575lbs for the win.

Matt Hammond (Racine Horlick) missed just a few too many attempts to put up a real fight for the win. He was close, with a 1,545lbs total.


SHW Class (4 Competitors)

The favorite in this class from Phillips was Nick Skomarske. Nick was unable to get depth on any of is squat attempts.

Spencer Stokes (Omro) was ready to take the title and he did. Even though he missed several attempts, he finished with a 1,530lbs total.

Second place went to Eli Peterson of Adams-Friendship.


Outstanding Lifters
1. Ryan Gray – Eau Claire North – 483 Wilks
2. Drake Ambroch – Whitnall – 456 Wilks
3. Cory Adamczak – Necedah – 446 Wilks

Team Champions
Division 1 – Racine Horlick
Division 2 – Whitnall
Division 3 – G-E-T

Whitnall High School - Division 2 Wisconsin State Champions

Whitnall High School – Division 2 Wisconsin State Champions



Congrats to all of the lifters. It was a pleasure watching, meeting, and conversing with many of you. Thanks for all of your hospitality!