January 11th – Weekend Updates

The high school season is in full swing!  There were impressive totals this first full weekend of meets.  There will be several big moves when national rankings are released this week.


#1 Ranked Lauren Lent ran through 9 easy attempts at Cudahy Regional meet in Wisconsin.  Totaling 1,005lbs (without bench shirt) and a huge 435lbs squat.  Bodyweight 122.4lbs!  Her next meet will be the WI state meet in March.

#12 ranked Jordan Panton from Arrowhead is new to our rankings.  She totaled 935lbs in 148lb class.  I think we will see much more from her in the future.


Weighing 121lbs, Hebbronville’s Randy Soliz (#9) totaled 1,115lbs

#14 Kaylond North (Dickinson HS) made a huge statement this weekend going 1,780lbs at 242.  Look for Kaylond to move up in the rankings!


#6 Christian Dunn (West Monroe HS, LA) went 1500lbs at 181.   He will be fun to watch given his unlimited potential.

2016 ASH Invitational

When our first national team rankings come out on Thursday, Alexandria Senior High boys will be ranked #1.   ASH is once again deep in the small and middle weight classes.

123lb class winner was #13 Terrance Phillips (ASH) with an impressive 1,110lbs total early in the season.

1996 ASH Invitational

The ASH invitational is one of the longest running high school meets in the country.  We recently uncovered a portion of the 1996 results from the ASH invitational.


Yes, this was my first powerlifting meet, 20 years ago this week!

I knew very little about powerlifting.  Just about the only thing I knew before stepping foot into ASH’s gym that day was that ASH lifters were untouchable.

However, I walked out of the gym that day learning three things:  1) Rules and strategy are critically important, 2) I was instantly addicted to the sport of powerlifting, and & 3) No lifter is untouchable…

What is your story?  I love hearing how people get involved in powerlifting (It helps us replicate that experience for future lifters).  Send me an email to Trey@Powerlifting.com