This past weekend lived up to the hype. The Louisiana and Texas (Boys) state championships were hotly contested.


1. The Texas boys state meet was held this weekend in Abilene, TX. Once again, the lifters were impressive.

Congrats to the following teams on winning the state title.
Division 1 – 1st Everman, 2nd East Central (San Antonio), 3rd United South (Laredo).
Division 2 – 1st Kennedale, 2nd Rio Hondo, 3rd Buna.
Division 3 – 1st Jourdanton, 2nd Ben Bolt, 3rd Crawford.

The results


2. Add Michael Rodriguez (Kingsville King, TX) to the discussion as one of the greatest High School Powerlifters of all-time. I know the equipment has changed over the past 25 years, but Michael is special. His numbers do the talking.

Body Weight – 241.4lbs
Squat – 860lbs
Bench – 570lbs
Deadlift – 650lbs

New All-Time Total Record of 2,080lbs


3. I’ll defend Michael’s squat depth in this situation. Yes, his squat depth on the above video is slightly higher than the depth he gets at an USAPL/IPF meet. However, he knows what he can get away with at the THSPA meet. He has demonstrated several times that he can instantly make the needed adjustment when competing at USAPL/IPF meets. Michael has decided to skip the High School Nationals and compete at the upcoming USAPL Teen/Men’s Nationals this summer. Michael has one more year at the SubJunior level. Wow!


4. I had a great time as the “color commentator” at the Louisiana High School State Powerlifting Championships held in West Monroe, LA. I learned a great deal about the production piece and equipment used for a successful broadcast. With 834 lifters, 6 platforms, 7,500+ lifts, and a non-stop broadcast, I was exhausted!


5. I witnessed some amazing lifting this past weekend. Elite lifters such as Denisha Melancon, China Storks, Josh Bickham, Tyrann Garrett and many more put on a show (with more left in the tank). These lifter will also be competing this upcoming weekend at the USAPL High School Nationals in Killeen, TX.

The results


6. #2 Josh Bickham totaled 1,780lbs at LA HS State Meet.  If you added in his 4th attempts in Bench and Deadlift (a LA allowed lift), He lifted a total of 1,810lbs!  Josh will be lifting this weekend at High School nationals. He definitely has the potential to clip Michael Rodriguez for the final #1 spot of the year.

Here is video provided by Jim Derry of & The Times-Picayune.

Note: Jim Derry wrote more this past weekend about Powerlifting than any traditional newspaper reporter has in the country (all season).

Josh Bickham article.   (Direct Link to Video Above, may not work on mobile)
Keaton Rodrigues Article. 
Christian Dunn, ASH/West Monroe battle, & Sterlington win. 
Lutcher, Pope John Paul wins.
Preview of north shore teams at state.


7. Several team competitions were extremely close. The 5A girls finale between West Monroe and ASH resulted in a tie. ASH won based on the tie-breaker of having more 1st place finishes. It was good to see legendary coaches Laurie Watson (WM) and Duane Urbina (ASH) mentoring a few younger coaches and lifters this weekend.

Congratulations to the following teams:

5A – 1st ASH, 2nd West Monroe
4A – 1st Lutcher, 2nd Tioga
3A – 1st Port Allen, 2nd Buckeye
2A – 1st Pope John Paul, 2nd Hannan
1A & below – 1st Delhi, 2nd Ascension Catholic

5A – 1st Covington, 2nd St. Paul’s
4A – 1st Peabody, 2nd Tioga
3A – 1st Church Point, 2nd Union Parish
2A – 1st Sterlington, 2nd Pope John Paul
1A & below – 1st Delhi Charter, 2nd False River