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The IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships are under way in Oroshaza, Hungary.



Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


Live Broadcasting Live broadcasting will be high quality with live results. Goodlift (responsible for all World Championships) is by far the best producers of streaming powerlifting in the world.

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Day 1 – Monday, September 1st


Team USA had one of their best single days in history! Best case scenarios fell into the lap of the American coaching staff with several major upsets and stumbles by the Russians. This is far from over, but today couldn’t have been any better for the red, white, and blue the stars and stripes!


43kg/95lb SubJuniors – After missing her opening squat, Oksana Butorina (RUS) started breaking world records. Including a 140kg squat, 82.5kg bench and 345kg total. She out totaled all of the 43kg Junior lifters (with two more years left in SubJunior division).


43kg/95lb JuniorsAllegra Hudson (UT-San Antonio) showed tremendous courage today. After missing her second attempt squat, she came back and made it flawlessly (120kg). Meanwhile, Mariia Starostina (RUS) made a strong statement with 132.5kg third attempt. At that moment, everyone knew it would come down to the last deadlift.

Allegra destroyed her opening deadlift, and we got to see a big fist pump by Coach St. Romain. Mariia’s coaches only bumped 5kg on her second attempt. Allegra successfully matched. Fortunately, for Allegra, both lifters ran out of gas at the same time (Marrii missed her third), and she missed her third attempt deadlift. Based on her reaction (coming off the platform on her third attempt) it appeared that she did not know that, she had locked up the gold medal before attempting. She went crazy when coached St. Romain whispered it in her ear.

Allegra Hudson totaled 327.5kg to win the 2014 IPF Junior World Championship in Orashaza, Hungary. Allegra lit a fire for Team USA that would last the entire day! Will that fire last all week?


47kg/103lb SubJuniors – As the United States celebrates Labor Day (by taking the day off), Taylor LaChapelle (USA) went to work!

There are very few words to describe Taylor’s performance today. Let’s try one: Phenomenal!

Taylor was 7 for 7 after opening deadlift, but still behind Russian lifter Daniela Kolesnik. The coaching staff decided to pass on her second attempt and save all of her energy for a third attempt. The strategy worked, she pulled a World Record deadlift for the win! Taylor totaled 380kg.

Reflection:  Her very first attempt (deer in headlights) at last years SubJunior Worlds, to knocking off a great Russian lifter to leading the Best Lifter competition (end of the first day) results in quite an accomplishment!

Look for this young lady to possibly snag a medal at the IPF Open World Championships held in Denver, CO this November.

“Taylor’s day was definitely unexpected and impressive. To anticipate an 88lbs personal record in the total by such a small girl would be crazy. Her ability to step up when asked may make the difference in girls SubJunior team winning” – Curt St. Romain, Team USA Head Coach


Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


47kg/103lb JuniorsCeline Grillet (FRA) missed her squat opener.  However, she was successful on her second and never really looked back the rest of the day. Celine totaled 382.5kg for the win.

Molly Zunker (UT-San Antonio), a team leader and experienced international lifter, just missed too many attempts today to make a run at Celine at the end. Molly finished with a total of 352.5kg and 9 big points for Team USA’s bid for the team title.


53kg/116lb SubJunior – Racine, Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee area (city hosting 2015 High School Nationals) was proud of Kenneth Johnson today! Kenneth will be coming home with four medals including a Silver overall. He totaled 457.5kg.

Kenneth will be a senior this year at William Horlick HS in Racine, WI. We look forward to seeing him exceed these lifts in the near future.


KennyPhoto Courtesy of RG Luckow


Alexei Kulakov (RUS) cruised to victory today with his huge bench press of 112.5kg! He totaled 485kg and scored 12 points for the Russian team.


53kg/116lb JuniorDalton LaCoe (Clarks Summit, PA) has been plagued by grip problems throughout his career (a whopping 18 months). While in a battle with Josue Leon (USA) and Victor Beltran (Ecuador), all looked well for Dalton to show off his deadlift and take home the gold medal.

However, on Dalton’s first attempt he lost his balance and the bar descended before the down command (looked like a grip issue?). However, no problem for Mr. Adversity, Dalton came back and smoked his second attempt.

With the gold medal locked up, Dalton still had one more thing to prove: to pull 227.5kg/501lbs on the world’s greatest platform. As he pulled the 501lbs, he left no doubt that he could have pulled more! Congrats to Dalton and Coach Claude Welcome of Clarks Summit, PA (a small town that has produced numerous international lifters).

Dalton (after the meet), “I felt shaky on my first squat, then my nerves calmed down and I settled into the meet.” Anyone who watched would have agreed that he got stronger as the day went on.

Not to be overshadowed, but Josue Leon (Louisiana Tech, via Sulpher Springs, TX) represented the USA and scored 8 valuable points. Even though he was disappointed, he had a fun time. While he locked out his last deadlift of 217.5kg, he gave everyone a Texas size smile and head shake.

There is an amazing bond and respect amongst Team USA lifters who travel and compete together. After the meet, Josue was very thankful to be part of an historic day, “It feels amazing to be on Team USA, and I am glad to have had this opportunity to represent my country! I believe we have a good amount of team spirit, and our teammates love to cheer each other on.”


Warmup Warm-up Room – Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


52kg/114lb SubJuniorsTristyn Hutchins (Necedah, WI) had an up and down day, but she was able to hang on to the Silver medal after a scare by Kelly LaPierre of Ecuador. Tristyn totaled 360kg, and she will be bringing home four medals.

Ekaterina Purtova (RUS) totaled 397.5kg for the win.


52kg/114lb Juniors – This weight class had more drama and plot twists than at the Hungarian National Theatre in Budapest. No single lifter ever took charge of the platform until the very last deadlift.

Natalia Melnikova (RUS) at one point seemed to sneaking closer and closer to gold, but she had her mishaps in the deadlift (interesting attempt selection). The German veteran Mareen Wendlandt was in the right spot the entire meet, until she bobbled her opening deadlift (interesting attempt selection).

Sitting in third place was battered Kayli Alphonso (Slidell, LA) after going only 2 for 6 in the squat and deadlift. However, Kayli was never to be counted out, and with the strongest pull after second attempt a decision had to be made.

Does coach St. Romain go for second, but stay ahead of the Russians for team points (suggested by peanut gallery in the Goodlift chat area. Just kidding :)), or load the bar for the win? After watching her remarkable turn around and level of energy on her first two deadlift, I don’t think it ever crossed anyones mind not to load the bar up for the win!

Our answer from Coach St. Roman after the meet, “I told Kayli she was definitely in contention and that we would work to pick off lifters with each attempt. After the Germans difficult opener and the Russians failed second, we were confident that she would win”

The bar was loaded and she pulled it! It was a special moment. Slidell, Baton Rouge, and the LSU Powerlifting team will be celebrating for months!  Way to Geaux Kayli.

1st Kayli Alphonso (USA)         402.5kg at 51.0kg bodyweight
2nd Mareen Wendlandt (GER) 402.5kg at 51.5kg bodyweight
3rd Natalia Melnikova (RUS)   402.5kg at 51.8kg bodyweight

Kayli’s response when asked:  After only going 2 for 6, what were you telling yourself going into deadlift?

“I told myself that I came here for one thing: to win. I was not going to give up until the very end. Never stop pulling. My coaches know that I feed off of encouragement, I am not usually an angry lifter. I lift best when I know my coaches have confidence in me.”


 One Day At A time

Former, and longtime, head coach of the USA SubJunior team, Joe Lewis, said it best today:

“Best opening day for the US in years! Just amazing!! The hardest thing to do now is keep the foot on the gas and not experience a let down from the euphoric beginning.”


When asked about how to build on today’s performance, Head Coach, Curt St. Romain said, “We can sustain this momentum by the lifters maintaining their focus inside and outside of the competition. It is this focus and their ability, when asked to perform, that will allow us to win.”




Day 2 – Tuesday, September 2nd


Momentum continues on Tuesday for Team USA!


59kg/130lbs SubJunior – (No USA Lifters) Even with a World Record Bench Press (158kg/348lbs), Ruslan Balabonov (RUS) could not make up the ground between himself and Yusuke Satake (JPN). Yusuke squatted a new World Record of 235kg/518lbs on his way to a World Record total of 600kg/1,322lbs. All three of the medalist will be moving into the Junior Division next year.


59kg/130lbs Junior – (No USA Lifters) In his last year as a Junior competitor, the dominant Russian lifter Kirill Krut won this class by a large margin. He cruised to a total of 637.5kg/1,405lbs.


57kg/125lbs SubJunior – We have covered Lauren Lent (Whitnall HS, WI) for several meets, but with little pressure from her competition. Today was a close battle with a formidable Russian lifter Tatiana Rikhelgof. At the international level, just surviving and standing on top of the podium can make a sub-par day of lifting turn out great. Lauren proved this today.

Lauren started very strong in the squat with a grind of 177.5kg/391lbs on her third attempt. However, she missed her second and third bench press. She finished with 80kg/176lbs.

Tatiana Rikhelgof (RUS) had her issues today too. Tatiana has a very strong bench press, however she only made her opener of 97.5kg/215lbs. Both lifters had a subtotal of 257.5kg going into deadlift (Lauren was lighter, by 7.25lbs).

Lauren’s deadlift opener was 20kgs higher than Tatiana which she easily made at 150kg/330lbs. Lauren’s second attempt was to seal the win, but after the bar popped off the ground, she got a little overconfident, lost her balance forward, and the bar descended slightly as she was locking it out (2 red lights). This left the door open for Tatiana on a third attempt to try for the win. She was quite close, but could not lock it out. With the win secured, the coaching staff bumped Lauren to 167.5kg/369lbs. The attempt was just too much today.

Congratulations to Lauren Lent for winning IPF SubJunior World Title. She totaled 407.5kg/898lbs. Lauren has another year at the SubJunior division (so does Tatiana Rikhelgof).




 Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


57kg/125lbs Junior – In our Preview, we stated “A good chance that this could be over after Ekaterina Osipova (RUS) benches a world record.” I think everyone would have agreed with this statement (my track record is poor). However, we were all wrong. THE MEET JUST BEGAN after bench press. Osipova missed all three attempts at 120kg and was disqualified from the overall competition. Did she take her eye of the real reason she was at the meet? 12 points…poof!

“I can’t believe the Russians!” – Basically everyone watching online and at the meet. But openly and emphatically said by Robert Keller (Live stream announcer).

Look who was sitting 6 for 6 and in the lead after opening deadlift, the seasoned American veteran (3 X World Champ), Michelle Van Dusen!

Tied with Michelle was Kenia Monserrate (ECU) who also has a strong deadlift. Michelle opened 5kg ahead of Kenia and matched that on all three attempts. The bar was loaded with 182.5kg/402lbs for the win. No one will say it was easy, she earned the gold medal today.

Michelle had the rare “perfect day” and that is what it took today to win the gold and claim 12 priceless points for Team USA’s team tally. Michelle totaled 457.5kg/1,008lbs. Congrats Michelle!
Michelle is no stranger to the medals podium; this was her 6th IPF SubJunior/Junior appearance in her amazing career. She also has two more years of eligibility at the Junior Division.

2014 – Gold – 57kg Junior Class – Oroshaza, Hungary
2012 – Gold – 53kg Junior Class – Szczyrk, Poland
2010 – Gold – 48kg SubJunior Class – Pilsen, Czech Republic
2009 – Gold – 48kg SubJunior Class – Ribeirai Preto, Brazil


66kg/145lbs SubJunior – To this point, Yosuke Kiuchi (JPN) has been the most impressive SubJunior Division lifter. Flawless until his last deadlift, Yosuke totaled 667.5kg/1,471lbs, which was 17.5kgs better than silver medalist Victor Panteleev (RUS). After Day 2, Yosuke (66kg) and Yosuke (59kg) have the top two rankings for the best lifter award.

In their very first international competition, Americans Romellow Dawson and Jacob De La Paz had respectable days. Romellow from Adams, WI struggled in the bench press, but finished with a 535kg/1,179lbs total and 5th place. Finishing in 6th place was Jacob De La Paz (Calallen, TX) with a total of 527.5kg/1,163lbs. Both Romellow and Jacob are Seniors this year; we look forward to following their journey to High School Nationals.


66kg/145lbs Junior – University of Georgia lifter (originally from Wisconsin), James Vang came into the competition with high expectations. Unfortunately, he had a rough day all around. His third attempt deadlift for silver came up short. Despite his set backs, his off day was still enough to finish on the awards podium. A total of 647.5kg/1,427lbs earned him the bronze medal. James has one more year at the Junior Division. I have little doubt that his performance will be a completely different next year in the Czech Republic.

Even with an impressive fight on his third attempt squat that was turned down, Jerry Alaniz (Laredo, TX) finished with a nice total of 625kg/1,377lbs. Jerry has four more years at the Junior Division and is making all the proper adjustments and gaining valuable experience to score major points for Team USA in the future.

Ramon Bakhshiev (RUS) survived, for the victory (670kg/1,477lbs), after an unsuccessful deadlift attempt by Vitaliy Kas’yanenko (UKR).




Day 3 – Wednesday, September 3rd


63kg/138lbs SubJunior – (No USA Lifter) As expected, this was a close battle between Matilda Vilmar (SWE) and Elmira Makhmudova (RUS). The difference came in Matilda’s impressive bench press of 107.5kg/237lbs. In her last year as a SubJunior, Matilda Vilmar (SWE) wins with a total of 430kg/948lbs.


63kg/138lbs Junior – (No USA Lifter) Olga Adamovich (RUS) totaled huge with 537.5kg/1,185lbs and a strong lead in the Junior Division Best Lifter competition. Placing second, Johanna Aquinaga (ECU), may be the lifter to beat at next years competition.


74kg/163lbs SubJunior – This class was too close for comfort. Tristan Pelitire (USA) came in as the heavy favorite. However, he stumbled in a few lifts. Tristan missed his opening squat, but came back strong to finish with 250kg/551lbs (gold in squat) on his third attempt.

Tristan opened with the world record bench press (187.5kg/413lbs). It was not pretty, but passed with a 2-1 decision. He would only receive those two white lights during bench as he missed 192.5kg/424lbs twice. This was far off his expectations and past performances. However, there is a lot to be said about how much travel and the speed of the meet can affect your strength levels.

After prematurely lowering the bar on his opening attempt (turned down), he came back and made his second and third attempts, finishing with 235kg/518lbs.

Tristan’s total really suffered from his missed attempts which left the door open for Vladislave Slaikovski (RUS) to attempt a last deadlift for the win. His coaches loaded up 242.5kg/534lbs. He popped it off the ground with ease, but even with that momentum, he stalled out at the very top. Once again, this class was too close for comfort. With all due respect, congrats to Tristan for working through each attempt, making adjustments, and staying positive until the end.

Tristan totaled 672.5kg/1,482lbs to win the IPF SubJunior World Championships. Beeville, Texas is proud!





Day 4 – Thursday, September 4th


83kg/183lbs SubJuniorOleksandr Rubets (UKR) had a huge advantage on Ashton Rouska (USA) after the bench press. However, he couldn’t finish the job on deadlift. With only seven lifters in this fast paced flight, stamina was at a premium.

Ashton Rouska from San Antonio, TX (via Alaska) pulled 310kg/683lbs for the win. This was after Oleksandr missed his second and third attempts.

Congratulations to Ashton Rouska for winning the IPF SubJunior World Championships with a total of 767.5kg/1,692lbs. Ashton still has one more year at the SubJunior Division.



Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


It is not over yet, but Rouska’s win put Team USA in the drivers seat for the team title. Plantiko, Rodriguez, and Flores should take care of the rest tomorrow and Saturday.


72kg/lbs SubJunior – Birthday Girl! Today was Carley Miller’s (Kasson, Minnesota) 18th birthday. How many people can say that they celebrated their 18th birthday in a foreign country? Probably a few? However, who wins a world title on their 18th birthday?

Carley lifted great today! She went 7 for 9 and smashed the field of competitors with a 440kg/970lbs total. She finished the day with a strong 182.5kg/402lbs deadlift and a huge smile!


Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


For those of you counting at home, that is three first place for the ladies SubJunior team! The title should be official before most people get out of bed tomorrow (not the fans in Hebbronville, Lutcher, and San Antonio).


72kg/lbs Junior – U.S. Lifters Alexus Jackson and Beverly Crawford made valiant efforts but came up short to the Swedish duo of Marie Tunroth and Elina Ronnqvist.

Alex Jackson (UL-Lafayette) was out of gas during deadlift. She only finished with her opener and a fourth place finish (497.5kg/1,097lbs). Alex didn’t go home empty handed, she earned the silver medal in bench press.

Beverly Crawford (Auburn University) started strong with a silver medal performance in the squat (210kg/463lbs). With teammate Alex’s missed deadlifts, Beverly was able to steal the bronze away with a successful pull of 190kg/419lbs and a total of 507.5kg/1,119lbs.



Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


83kg/183lbs JuniorBrett Gibbs (New Zealand) squatted a house! A new World Record of 355.5kg/784lbs!

However, Henrik Fransson (SWE) out lifted Brett in the other two lifts and posted a huge total of 875kg for the win! Henrik is currently in the lead for the Junior Best Lifter award.




Day 5 – Friday, September 5th


Team USA wins the SubJunior and Junior WOMEN’s team title at the IPF World Championships in Oroshaza, Hungary. From the opening session pull (for the win) by Allegra Hudson, Team USA has dominated like never before! Congratulations to Team USA and the coaching staff for a such a wonderful performance.

Taylor LaChapelle from Adams-Friendship High School (WI) wins the SubJunior best lifter award. Another words, she is the best high school powerlifter in the world!




Team USA – 93kg Men – Jordan Plantiko, Ian Bell, & Ben Nevares – Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow


Jordan_NevaresSubJunior 93kg Gold Medalist Jordan Plantiko (USA, WI), Silver Medalist Danylo Kovalov (UKR), and Bronze Medalist Ben Nevares (USA, TX) – Photo Courtesy of RG Luckow