Previews & Predictions – 2016 High School Powerlifting Nationals


The 2016 USA Powerlifting High School National Championships begin Friday in Orlando, FL. We look forward to this meet every year!

I (Trey Cunningham) will be producing the live stream for the entire weekend. I’ll be in the sitting in the back corner of the ballroom telling the story of what will surely be an amazing meet for everyone’s family and friends back home. I’ll be watching every lift and cheering each of you on.

Here is the link to access the livestream:

The official “nominations” (registration list) for the championship are still in progress. However, we keep an exhaustive database (up-to-date) throughout the season to provide rankings to and anticipate seedings for this particular meet.

We obviously do not guarantee our predictions, but they are definitely the most accurate outlook publicly released on the internet.

Let’s get started:

PowerliftingHigh’s Boys Seedings


114lbs Class

Meeting for the third time this season (trading wins in the previous two), Trai Chatman (Covington) and Nick Gordan (St. Paul’s) will get to settle the final score in Orlando! Covington’s team title bid will need this win.

1. Trai Chatman – Covington, LA
2. Nick Gordon – St. Paul’s, LA
3. Matt Devine – Abington Heights, PA
4. Bryce Londerville – Neenah, WI
5. Thaddeus Golden – Lake Cormorant, MS

123lbs Class

Alexandria Senior High (ASH) will score major points and jump into the early team lead with the points they score in this class.

1. Terrance Phillips – ASH, LA
2. Montel Smith – Slidell, LA
3. Trace Lawson – ASH, LA
4. Joseph Vidrine – Covington, LA
5. Cole Kaiser – River Falls, WI

132lbs Class

Hunter Hicks (ASH) is listed at 148 in the official start list. Absolutely no way coach Carmouche lays down the red carpet for Matt Kuss and Covington.

1. Hunter Hicks – ASH, LA
2. Matt Kuss – Covington, LA
3. Mitchell Perez – Glen Mills, PA
4. Tahkeem Boynton – Glen Mills, PA
5. Rodney Garcia – Carrizo Springs, TX

148lbs Class

We have seen Mikey Voelkel (Whitnall) pull big to win in the past, so do not underestimate. However, we believe Shawn Warren (Covington) will have the winning deadlift loaded at the end. Austin Perkins (Clinton) is the wildcard with nothing to lose.

1. Shawn Warren – Covington, LA
2. Mikey Voelkel – Whitnall, WI
3. Jakob Gibbs – Northshore, LA
4. Austin Perkins – Clinton, MS
5. Nick Palopoli – Parkland, PA

165lbs Class

You may have noticed that the first four classes have had a Covington or ASH lifter at the top. However, the 165lbs class top seeding goes to Wisconsin. Teddy Gildersleeve (Osceola) has not come close to posting his potential this year. If Teddy makes a slip in squat or bench, we may see Brahlaun Thompson (ASH) steal the win of the year.

1. Teddy Gildersleeve – Osceola, WI
2. Brahlaun Thompson – ASH, LA
3. Andrew Biggers – Covington, LA
4. Zaven Ouzaounian – Case, WI
5. Jack Caminita – St. Paul’s, LA

181lbs Class

Arguably the favorite to win outstanding lifter of the meet, Tyran Garrett (Covington), will bounce back from two weeks ago and put together a worthy total.

*Side note: We do not know the potential for 80% of the Glen Mills (PA) lifters. All we have are “bogus” qualifying totals. They have two+ lifters in just about every weight class. Several of them will sneak in and surprise a class. Is this the class?

1. Tyran Garrett – Covington, LA
2. William Lewis – ASH, LA
3. Thomas Anello – Covington, LA
4. Charlie Vandaver – Necedah, WI
5. Evan Koehnke – Neenah, WI

198lbs Class

Where is the strongest area of the country? Central Louisiana? Central Wisconsin? South Texas (“The Valley”)? South Mississippi? Or could it be the “Northshore” of New Orleans, LA?

We will see many outstanding lifters from “the northshore” this weekend. Covington, Northshore, St. Paul’s, Northlake Christian, and Slidell will be bringing great talent from the area. These schools are within 30 miles of each other (but takes an hour+ on I-10).

Representing Slidell High School is Gabe Stapinski. Gabe may have one of the easiest paths to victory. A slight edge goes to Grant Dole (ASH) over Dylan Garrett (Covington) for the silver.

1. Gabe Stapinski – Slidell, LA
2. Grant Dole – ASH, LA
3. Dylan Garrett – Covington, LA
4. Gunnar Sommervold – O’Gorman, SD
5. Isaac Jerde – Appleton North, WI

220lbs Class

Welcome Mississippi!

Until this year Mississippi lifters have not been allowed to compete in the USAPL High School Nationals. Through the hard work of Jim Battenfield (& many others) for nearly a decade, Mississippi lifters will join us in Orlando! The state athletics association considers lifters to still be in season (the MS state meet is two weeks). As a previous resident of Mississippi for four years, I can attest that HS lifting is legit and on the rise in Mississippi.

This could be the wildest and most fluid class (top to bottom) in the entire meet. We are going with the Benny Benson (Lake Cormorant, MS)!

Let me repeat…its going to be wild! Glen Mills has four lifters, Rushing is primed, Peardot has amazing raw talent, and we don’t know what Nixlot Dameus (Deleware) will show up with! Does coach Burford (Covington) take the conservative route by bumping Rogers to 242 or joining the fight?

1. Benny Benson – Lake Cormorant, MS
2. Jonathan Rushing – St. Paul’s, LA
3. Josh Peardot – Tomah, WI
4. Nixlot Rogers – Valley Charter, DE
5. James Goebel – Whitnall, WI
*Glen Mills has four in this class

242lbs Class

Robert Keller, do you have enough red plates for Sunday?

Dylan Cook (Northlake Christian) squatted 800lbs two weeks ago in West Monroe!

Internationally experienced Julious Walker (Woodward Academy) will put together the best sub-total he can and then load up the bar for the win. Or does he bump to 275?

More likely than not, Logan Rogers (Covington) will bump to this class and take on Joe Humphrey (ASH) for possibly second or third place. This could be another defining moment for the team title. I also think the decision has not been made yet. I think it will be made after the first session of lifting on Saturday.

Mitchell Cowman is a beast with a bench press shirt on!

1. Dylon Cook – Northlake Christian, LA
2. Logan Rogers – Covington, LA
3. Mitchell Cowman – Whitnall, WI
4. Joe Humphrey – ASH, LA
5. Joe Ducote – ASH, LA

275lbs Class

This is the hardest class of the entire meet to create a seeding for. We will see several bumps from 242. Declan Dilley (Horlick) is the favorite as the nominations currently sit. Look at where these lifters are from and visually map them in your head. Iowa, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Ohio, & Pennsylvania!

1. Julious Walker – Woodward Academy, IA
2. Declan Dilley – Horlick, WI
3. Isaac Hughes – ASH, LA
4. Mason Cordes – Bowling Green, OH
5. Bomani Branson – Glen Mills, PA

275+lbs Class

Another tight class from top to bottom!

1. Dylan Erickson – Northshore, LA
2. Ryan Ratcliff – Bloomer, WI
3. Kole Parr – Covington, LA
4. Jeffrey Marx – Youngstown Ursuline, OH
5. Jadarrius Hodges – Lake Cormorant, MS



PowerliftingHigh’s Girls Seedings


97lbs Class

The team title goes through the 97lbs class! For the past two years (Killeen & Milwaukee), Ashley Mitchell (ASH) has had the winning pull in her hands and has come up short. Stephanie Rattunde (Necedah) has been the victor those two years. These are two of the greatest 97lbs lifters in High School history. Once again it will come down to the last deadlift!

1. Ashley Mitchell – ASH, LA
2. Stephanie Rattunde – Necedah, WI
3. Zyanna Price – ASH, LA
4. Grace Albarez – Covington, LA
5. Janice Cruz – Horlick, WI

105lbs Class

Ultimately, if there are several weight class changes between 97 and 105 classes, we should see many of the team points washing each other out.

Stephanie Lavoy (Necedah) is talented and will be ready to earn her national title.

1. Stephanie Lavoy – Necedah, WI
2. Savannah Moncada – Northshore, LA
3. Alannah Daniels – Necedah, WI
4. Delaney Ortiz – Neenah, WI
5. Emily Salm – Neenah, WI

114lbs Class

Taylor LaChappelle (Adam-Friendship) will be ahead at subtotal, but will have to show off her world class deadlift for the win over Dontoria Butler (ASH).

1. Taylor LaChapelle – Adams-Friendship, WI
2. Dontoria Butler – ASH, LA
3. Mikaela Liebfried – Colfax, WI
4. Paige Laurent – Archbishop Hannan, LA
5. Karina Garay – Carrizo Springs, TX

123lbs Class

Two of the greatest high school lifters in history are entered in this class. As much as we would like to see this battle, I believe Necedah has too much on the line for team points. As a repeat from Wisconsin state meet, Tristyn Hutchins could go up to win the 132lbs class.

Jordan Whipple will probably not make the trip up to 132lbs class like she did three weeks ago.

No need to type superlatives about Lauren Lent.

1. Lauren Lent – Whitnall (WI)
2. Jordan Whipple – Wisconsin Rapids (WI)
3. Kennedy Madison – ASH (LA)
4. Kirsten Olson – Holmen (WI)
5. Rhiannon Mach – Necedah (WI)

132lbs Class

The 132lbs class will not just be handed to Tristyn Hutchins (WI) if she moves up. Maddie Graham (Salado) and Sam Kroll (Eau Claire North) will put up a fight!

1. Tristyn Hutchins – Necedah, WI
2. Maddie Graham – Salado, TX
3. Sam Kroll – Eau Claire North, WI
4. Asia McGee – ASH, LA
5. Jane Krueger – Winneconne, WI

148lbs Class

In her first national championships, Jordanne Panton (Arrowhead) will be the favorite and battling familiar competitors. Do we have an all Wisconsin awards podium?

1. Jordanne Panton – Arrowhead, WI
2. Samantha Sherwood – Adams-Friendship, WI
3. Tamarah Clemmens – New Richmond, WI
4. Emma Ramsey – Horlick, WI
5. Alyssa Kuss – Adams-Friendship, WI

165lbs Class

This class is wide open! Do we go with the experienced lifter from MS? What about outstanding raw lifter from GA? Or the state champs from WI and LA?

1. Liz Blankenship – Lake Cormorant, MS
2. Lydia Mele – Sugar Hill, GA
3. Brittany Rabe – Waterford Union, WI
4. Amanda Messina – ASH, LA
5. Amber Kierstyn – Adams-Friendship

181lbs Class

With the addition of a bench shirt, we have a virtual mathematical tie between Kaija Newman (Osceola) and Brittany Williams (ASH) for this title.

1. Brittany Williams – ASH, LA
2. Kaija Newman – Osceola, WI
3. Emma Wothe – New Richmond, WI
4. Olivia Shafer – Laconia, WI
5. Kylie Julian – Northshore, LA

198lbs Class

Melissa Reyes (Carrizo Springs) is the best chance for the state of Texas this weekend. Karley Wyngaard (Neenah) and Hunter Gibson (ASH) have other plans! Several lifters will have the chance to pull for the win.

1. Melissa Reyes – Carrizo Springs, TX
2. Karley Wyngaard – Neenah, WI
3. Hunter Gibson – ASH, LA
4. Dakota Irek – Racine, WI
5. Destiny Bias – ASH, LA

198+ Class

Hands down, the best high school lifter that you have never heard of will put on a show Sunday. LeeAnn Hewitt (Wellington Community, FL) lifts well beyond her age and will put a buzz in the room!

Will Lily Poisso (ASH) have enough to hold off Cerrina Stokes (Omro) and Sophia Woychik at the end to secure the most valuable 9 team points?

1. LeAnn Hewitt – Wellington Community, FL
2. Lily Poisso – ASH, LA
3. Cerrina Stokes – Omro, WI
4. Sophia Woychik – Independence, WI
5. Payge Pagart – Salmen, LA


Team Predictions


Any year for the past decade, this years Necedah (WI) team would have been enough talent and depth to easily walk away with the team title. That is not the case this year. ASH has matched them this year and set up several head-to-head battles. However, the team title will be earned by the team with the most 3rd and 4th places finishes this year. We will witness a historic battle!

1. Alexandria Senior High (LA)
2. Necedah (WI)
3. Adams-Friendship (WI)
4. Neenah (WI)
5. Horlick (WI)


Coach Carmouche (ASH) made sure I ate crow last year for picking Covington over ASH (by trusting my gut). I have dug deeper this year into the data and several scenarios for each team to win.

I could say that it depends on other lifters from other schools (Glen Mills), weight class changes, or simply the flip of the coin. However, the team that makes the least amount of mistakes will win. This is fresh on the minds of both ASH and Covington from two weeks ago in Monroe. I’m not going with my gut this year, I’m going with the spreadsheet…

1. Covington (LA)
2. Alexandria Senior High (LA)
3. Glen Mills (PA)
4. Lake Cormorant (MS)
5. Northshore (LA)

Safe Travels!