Yes, I am quite excited to be heading to Wisconsin this weekend to cover the 2014 Wisconsin High School State Powerlifting Championships!

NOT FROM WISCONSIN? Don’t stop reading. I have information for you, too! Remember, this website is about the promotion of High School Powerlifting at the NATIONAL level. Visit us to learn about what other states do things.


5 points for those not familiar with Wisconsin HS Powerlifting

1. While not having the the largest number of lifters, Wisconsin has more than its share of IPF World Champions and phenomenal lifters. Hall of Fame Page.
2. They also have a great website. The plethora of information and frequency of updating by Joe Lewis (WHSPA President) is amazing. Wisconsin takes communication seriously.
3. Their state meet is sanctioned by USAPL. Yes, they are judged by USAPL rules and adhere to their drug testing policies. State Meet Website & Schedule.
4. Bench Press shirts are not allowed during season (But, they know how to use them at nationals)!
5. What state did High School Powerlifting begin? The WHSPA website lists Lincoln High School of Manitowoc, WI as the team champions of 1968 (46 Years). One of my goals this weekend is to talk to Shawn Cain about this (and anyone else who will speak to me).


The top 5 things I’m looking forward to this weekend!

1. Getting a preview of some of the best lifters in the country before High School Nationals. Lent, LaChapelle, Theisen, Schwab, Rattunde, Guth, Kettlewell, Hutchins, Cross, Dezort, Gray, Ambroch, Adamczyk, Van Asten, Dawson, Plantiko, Stoll, Skomaroskie, Johnson, and many others!
2. Learning more about the Wisconsin High School Powerlifting Association, it’s history, coaches, administrators, and of course the intensity of the meet.
3. Watching the #1 ranked Necedah Girls and the #2 Ranked Whitnall Boys teams. Last week I moved Necedah’s girls to #1 spot based on the depth of quality lifters through all of the weight classes. However, Lutcher (LA) and Weslaco East (TX) are equally impressive. I will get to see Lutcher’s team in two weeks to compare.
4. Talking to the parents of the lifters. I believe the parents frequent our site as much as the lifters do. Parents, flag me down! Let me know how I can improve the site.
5. Meeting all of the people that I have been communication via email over the last two months. I am also looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces.

What to expect from us this weekend:
1. An active twitter account (@HSPowerlifting)
2. Resurrection of our awful Facebook page
3. Provide several meet reports through out the weekend.