2014 Powerlifting SubJunior and Junior World Championships


My favorite week of the year! 6 days of the best junior powerlifting in the world.

The IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships begin Monday, September 1st in Oroshaza, Hungary. The six day event will showcase the world’s greatest powerlifting talent. A total of 26 countries are scheduled to participate. With a total of 255 in the final nominations, we will witness a very competitive event. Team USA, coached by Curt St Romain is prepared to avenge the disappointing losses last year in Killeen, TX.

Jaelynn PM


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Official Championship Website

Men’s and Women’s Nominations

2013 SubJunior & Junior World Reports from Killeen, TX


Live Broadcasting

Live broadcasting will be high quality with live results. Goodlift (responsible for all World Championships) is by far the best producers of streaming powerlifting in the world. Links:  Goodlift System with ScoringIPF Webpage – or IPF YouTube Page



Schedule of Competition

My Thoughts on Schedule: I applaud the length of the competition moving back to 6 days instead of 7 that we experienced last year in Killeen, TX. My personal preference is that this should be a 5 day meet. Please note that the schedule on the official website has different times than the one listed below. The times I am using are coming from the schedule on Goodlift. I have specifically requested several of the coaching staff to let me know if they know of any changes. I wouldn’t expect any major changes in schedule. However, we could see an hour difference here or there.




According to the nominations and provisional timetable, below is the schedule for Team USA (subject to change; local Oroshaza, Hungary times) and my predictions on each session


Day 1 – Monday, September 1st

Session 1

10:00 AM (21 Lifters)

Women SubJunior 47kg – Taylor LaChapelle – Adams, WI
Women Junior 43kg – Allegra Hudson – Wylie/San Antonio, TX
Women Junior 47kg – Molly Zunker – San Anontio, TX


43kgSub- (No USA Lifters) Oksana Butorina (RUS) will be competing by herself. She should wipe away Daniela Kolesnik’s records from last year in Killeen, TX.

47kgSub- Regarding Daniela Kolesnik (RUS): She and Taylor LaChapelle (USA) move up a weight class. I do think that Taylor is closing the gap in total. Daniela and Taylor were born and 1999, so they will be competing head-to-head for quite some time. I’m predicting this is the last time Daniela beats Taylor on the international stage. Taylor could have a shot at the world record deadlift.

43kgJr- Allegra Hudson (USA) sits atop the nominations. However, that doesn’t mean much. Kozue Nemoto (JAP) & Mariia Starostina (RUS) are equally in the mix. Squats will be crucial, but the bar will be loaded for Allegra for the win. I think she pulls it. Could this be the spark that ignites the rest of the team?

47kgJr- The difference in this class will come in the bench press. Celine Grillet (FRA) may out bench Molly Zunker (USA) by close to 20kgs. Add the Russian Alexandra Chrkina to mix and deadlifts will be fun to watch. Celine will not go down without a fight. I would not be surprised if she (Celine) attempts the last deadlift for the win. I’m confident that the coaching staff handles this well and Molly is standing on top of the awards platform.


Session 2

2:00 PM (10 Lifters)

Men SubJunior 53kg – Kenneth Johnson – Horlick-Racine, Wisconsin
Men Junior 53kg – Dalton LaCoe – Clark Summit, PA & Josue Leon – Sulpher Springs, TX/Ruston, LA



53kgSub- Kenny Johsnon (USA) from Horlick, Wisconsin will have his hands full with Alexei Kulakov (RUS). I’m predicting a gold for Kenny in the deadlift and silver over all.

53kgJr- Sitting on top of the nominations in this class are two Americans, Dalton LaCoe & Josue Leon. The coaching staff will split into two teams to handle these two great lifters. However, placing first and second in this class will be the primary goal. They can’t forget Victor Beltran (ECU). Dalton has the experience (SubJr World Champ), but Josue is primed for the upset. It will take a monster pull for the win. Prediction: Josue!


Session 3

6:00 PM (17 Lifters)

Women SubJunior 52kg – Tristyn Hutchins – Necedah, WI
Women Junior 52kg – Kayli Alphonso – Slidell/Baton Rouge, LA


52kgSub- Trystyn Hutchins (USA) from Necedah, WI could be out matched by Ekaterina Purtova (RUS). The Russians have strong expectations of sweeping the first three SubJunior weight classes.




52kgJr- Anna Fillimonova (RUS) will run away with this class. WAIT! She is not lifting? This class is WIDE OPEN!

First through fifth in nominations is only separated by 20kgs. If Kayli Aphonso (USA) has a great day, she will have the win loaded on the bar for her third attempt deadlift. Prediction: Does Mareen Wendlandt (GER – in her 6th SubJr & Jr championships) step out of the shadow of Fillimonava to seize the title? Not yet, I’m predicting a Natalia Melnikova (RUS) victory.



Day 2 – Tuesday, September 2nd


Session 1

10:00 AM (10 Lifters) Men 59kg Class – (No USA Lifters)

59kgSub- Ruslan Balabanov (RUS)
59kgJr- Krut Kirill (RUS)


Session 2

1:30 PM (14 Lifters)

Women SubJunior 57kg – Lauren Lent – Hales Corners/Whitnall, WI
Women Junior 57kg – Michelle Van Dusen – Necedah/Oshkosh, WI


57kgSub- Tatiana Rikhelgof (RUS) will total over the 400kg mark and will be ahead at subtotal. I’m predicting this to be a closer battle than most people expected. Lauren Lent (USA) will pull somewhere near a world record deadlift for the win on her third attempt.

57kgJr- A good chance that this could be over after Ekaterina Osipova (RUS) benches a world record. The veteran (in her 6th SubJr & Jr Worlds), Michelle Van Dusen (USA) will fight to the end for a silver medal.


Session 3

5:00 PM (15)

Men SubJunior 66kg – Romellow Dawson – Adams, WI & Jacob De La Paz – Calallen, TX
Men Junior 66kg – James Vang – Appleton, WI/Athens, GA & Jerry Alaniz – Laredo, TX

66kgSub- This class is a toss up. I’m expecting a healthy jump in both Romellow Dawson (USA) and Jacob De La Paz (USA)’s nomination totals from High School Nationals. Little is known about Yosuke Kiuchi (JAP) & Viktor Panteleev (RUS). I think 610kg wins this weight class. That may be within Dawson Romellow’s (USA) range. Several lifters will get a shot (at the end) for the win, and it will be a wild sequence of last deadlift attempts. Prediction: Victor Panteleev (RUS).

66kgJr- Straight up, this will be the upset of the meet. James Vang (USA) will beat Roman Bakhshiev (RUS)!



Jerry Alaniz (USA) will also be in the hunt for several medals.


Day 3 – Wednesday, September 3rd


Session 1

10:00 AM (20 Lifters)

Women SubJunior 63kg – Denisha Melancon – Lutcher/Lafayette, LA

63kgSub – Two great lifters in Matilda Vilmar (SWE) and Elmira Makhmudova (RUS) battle for the lead at subtotal. Prediction: Matilda Vilmar (SWE).

63kgJr- (No USA Lifter) Olga Adamovich (RUS) with at total close to the world record.


Session 2

2:00 PM (26 Lifters)

Men SubJunior 74kg – Tristan Pelitire – Beeville, TX

74kgSub- Tristan Pelitire (USA) should soak in the atmosphere, hit a bench bench and stand on top of the awards platform. However, finding very little information about Vladislav Slaikovskii (RUS) or Nicola Degiampietro (ITA) is troubling. I will be uneasy about this prediction all the way up to openers closing. Prediction: Pelitire.

74kgJr.- With straps down and two hands on his hips, Roman Churbakov (RUS) watches Alexander Eriksson (SWE) successfully pull for the win! That would be HUGE for the Americans.



Day 4 – Thursday, September 4th


Session 1

10:00 AM (7 Lifters)

Men SubJunior 83kg – Ashton Rouska – Brandies/San Antonio, TX

83kgSub- Rouska?


Session 2

2:00 PM (16 Lifters)

Women SubJunior 72kg – Carley Miller – Kasson, Minnesota
Women Junior 72kg – Alexus Jackson – Lafayette, LA and Beverly Crawford – Perkasie, PA/Auburn, AL

72kgSub- I’m going to go with my gut on this one (for no other reason).  Carley Miller (USA) pulls the winning deadlift on her third attempt.

72kgJr- We will see several attempts of 200kg+ for the win. However, if they all fall short, Ronnqvist will take the gold. Alex Jackson (USA) is primed and ready. Don’t count anyone out, especially Beverly Crawford (USA). Prediction: Elina Ronnqvist (SWE) Alex Jackson (USA)!


Session 3

6:00 PM (14 Lifters)

Men Junior 83kg (No USA Lifters)

83kgJr- I might be wrong on this, but I have to pick Brett Gibbs (New Zealand) for the win.




Day 5 – Friday, September 5th


Session 1

10:00 AM (18 Lifters)

Women SubJunior 84 – Delicia Garza – Hebbronville, TX
Women SubJunior 84+kg – China Storks – Lutcher, LA and Jaelynn Clark – San Antonio, TX
Women Junior 84kg – Mariah Hamm – Osceola, WI & Heather Heath – Keller, TX

84kgSub- Delicia Garza represents Hebbronville, TX and the United States well with a silver medal behind Nadege Dechamps (BEL).

84kg+Sub- If I were to poll the international powerlifting community about who has been the most dominant SubJunior Women in the last decade, you would hear the names of Anna Filimonova (RUS), Daniela Kolesnik (RUS), Yulia Medvedeva (RUS), Viktoria Karlisheva (RUS), Alexa Schillinger, (USA), Kendra Miller (USA), and Bonica Brown (USA).

However, after Friday everyone will have a new name to add to that list. Jaelynn Clark (USA)! Jaelynn brings high expectations into this meet, and I think this is just the beginning to a wonderful international career.


Take note, the largest total at the IPF SubJunior Powerlifting Championships (from my research) by a female was 582.5kg by Tetyana Skrypka (UKR) in 2005. The World Standard total record is set at 590kg.

Not to be overshadowed, but China Storks (Two-time SubJunior World Champion) will also have an amazing total for a SubJunior.

84kgJr- Unfortunately, I think Inger Ruud (NOR) will be a little too much for Mariah Hamm (USA). It will be close! Watch for Heather Heath (USA) to make the medal podium in the bench press. She is eyeing the gold.


Session 2

2:30 PM (22 Lifters)

Men SubJunior 93kg – Jordan Plantiko – West Allis, WI and Ben Nevares – Edcouch, TX
Men Junior 93kg – Ian Bell – San Antonio/Austin, TX

93kgSub- If Jordan Plantiko (USA) had 4 more months to train, I would predict his victory over Danylo Kovalov (UKR). Jordan is new to the sport and he has a bright future at the collegiate and international level. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t cause the Ukrainian coaches to quickly become conservative while choosing attempts.

Psssst. Coach. Psssst. Load the bar up!


Ben Nevares (USA) will be in a fight for the awards podium. I think he can do it!

93kgJr- Ian Bell (USA) will put on a show. He may have separated himself from Erik Gunhamn (SWE) during the last year. Ian has some unfinished business at the Junior level before his debut on the Open World stage in November. He has his eye on a world record deadlift and the best lifter trophy. Ian will also be held in consideration for the best dressed lifter on the red carpet of the awards banquet.




Day 6 – Saturday, September 6th


Session 1

10:00 AM (16 Lifters)

Men 105kg – (No USA Lifters)

105kgSub- Viacheslav Asanov (RUS)
105kgJr- Joachim Lindseth (NOR)


Session 2

2:00 PM (29 Lifters)

Men SubJunior 120 & 120+kg – Michael Rodriquez – Kingsville, TX  and Rudy Flores – Laredo, TX

Men Junior 120 & 120+kg – Preston Turner – Victoria/Austin, TX, Scott Dobbins – Whichita Falls/College Station, TX, Stephen King – Boston, MA, and Arron Gonzales – Palestine, TX

120kgSub & 120kg+Sub- Total domination by the south Texas phenoms Michael Rodriguez (USA) and Rudy Flores (USA). If things go as planned, they will not only come home with the world records, but possibly the two highest totals in SubJunior history.

Rudy Flores (United South HS, Laredo, TX)

Rudy Flores (United South HS, Laredo, TX)


Highest totals lifted (regardless of class) at IPF SubJunior World Powerlifting Championships (Unofficial List).
1. Victor Testov (UKR) 890kg in 2007
2. Sergey Usov (RUS) 886kg in 2011
3. Egor Rezepov (RUS) 872.5kg in 2013
4. Michael Rodrigues (USA) 870kg in 2013
5. Norbert Mikula (HUN) 860kg in 2011
6. Steyn Johannes (RSA) 855kg in 2005
7. Egor Rezepov (RUS) 842.5kg in 2012
8. Mykhailo Fedorov (UKR) 837.5kg in 2012
9. Jesse Norris (USA) 827.5kg in 2011
10. Jani Rainela (FIN) 825kg in 2006
11. Preston Turner (USA) 821kg in 2010
12. Michael McCoy (USA) 817.5 in 2009


120kgJr- We have heard about how well Aleksei Fokin (RUS) is doing right now. However, he is going to have to pry the world title out of Preston Turner’s hands. If you would have witnessed the determination from Preston at last years championships, you too, would guarantee his victory. I also predict Scott Dobbins (USA) makes it on the awards podium for an individual lift medal.




120kg+Jr- It is going to be hard to beat David Lupac (CZE). Do I think Arron Gonzales (USA) can do it. Absolutely he can. It will take a huge squat and and possibly the OPEN world record bench press to do it. Both of these young men will be totaling at an elite level for the junior division. Prediction: Lupac


1,000kg Club at IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships (Unofficial List).

Viktor Testov (UKR) 1093kg in 2010
Carl Yngvar Christensen (NOR) 1082.5kg in 2011
Andrey Konovalov (RUS) 1065kg in 2009
Oleksandr Shepil (UKR) 1065kg in 2010
Volodymyr Svistunov (UKR) 1065kg in 2010
Carl Yngvar Christensen (NOR) 1065kg in 2010
Jewgenij Kondraschow (GER) 1010kg in 2006
Victor Testov (UKR) 1010kg in 2009
Vadym Dovganyuk (UKR) 1007.5kg in 2010
Preston Turner (USA) 1007.5kg in 2013
Nurlan Yeshmakhanov (KAZ) 1001kg in 2012
Aleksandr Kluschev (RUS) 1000kg in 2005
Volodymyr Svistunov (UKR) 1000kg in 2009


Coaching Staff

Curt St. Romain (Head), Jim Battenfield, John Burford, David Gonzales, Jon Magendie, Hector Munoz, RG Luckow, Jerry Ramirez, Greg Simmons, & John Taberlet.


Team Competition Predictions

This is completely the opinion of PowerliftingHigh.com. (Not exhaustive and barring any major disqualifications; anything can happen).

Team scoring is based on a point system awarded by placings. Points are awarded for each place: 1st Place receives 12 points, 2nd place receives 9 points, 3rd place receives 8 points, etc. It is imperative for a team to win several (usually minimum of 3) weight classes in order to bring home the gold; sometimes you need a little help from other countries.




SubJunior Women
1st Russia (54pts)
2nd USA (54pts)
(Russian edge in Wilks)


SubJunior Men
1st USA (57pts)
2nd Russia (57 pts)
(American edge in Wilks)


Junior Women
1st Russia (56pts)
2nd USA (53pts)


Junior Men
1st USA (54-57pts)
2nd Russia (51-54pts)
(Unless Russia wins both 66kg and 74kg classes)


I hope I’m eating crow next weekend!

I know many of the SubJunior and Junior Team USA lifters will read this article. I sure hope that all of you have a great day on the platform and that you have a wonderful time in Hungary. Some of my predictions will not be welcomed. That’s all they are! I’ll be cheering for all of you. Good Luck, Trey


Previous Team USA Success

Women SubJunior
2013-Killeen, USA (2nd), 2012-Poland (2nd), 2011-Canada (2nd), 2010-Czech Republic (2nd), 2009-Brazil (1st), 2008-South Africa (2nd), 2007-France (1st), 2006-Bulgaria (1st), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).

Men SubJunior
2013-Killeen, USA (2nd), 2012-Poland (2nd), 2011-Canada (2nd), 2010-Czech Republic (1st), 2009-Brazil (2nd), 2008-South Africa (1st), 2007-France (3rd), 2006-Bulgaria (1st), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).

Women Junior
2013-Killeen, USA (3rd), 2012-Poland (1st), 2011-Canada (3rd), 2010-Czech Republic (3rd), 2009-Brazil (2nd), 2008-South Africa (2nd), 2007-France (2nd), 2006-Bulgaria (2nd), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).

Men Junior
2013-Killeen, USA (2nd), 2012-Poland (1st), 2011-Canada (2nd), 2010-Czech Republic (3rd), 2009-Brazil (3rd), 2008-South Africa (2nd), 2007-France (2nd), 2006-Bulgaria (1st), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).


I encourage everyone to submit a comment below.  Feel free to agree or disagree with the predictions.