We have updated a final Class of 2014 Rankings. We will freeze these rankings and see how they play out in the coming years. We will continue to update the Class of 2015, 2016, & 2017 through the years.  Note: We can only add lifters if we know what grade they are in.


Powerlifting in College

Yes, Powerlifting at the collegiate level is alive and rapidly growing at an unprecedented pace (2014 Nationals were the largest ever).  Powerlifting is not an NCAA sport, but operates as a club sport throughout the country (article in progress).  You know I love High School Powerlifting; I think I have demonstrated that!  However, lifting in college is the ultimate experience, and collegiate nationals is THE most exciting powerlifting meet in the entire world.  That is a strong statement, but I will forever stand behind it.  Do you have aspirations to lift in college?  A rough draft of our “Get Recruited” is linked at the bottom of this page.

Official Site of 2015 USAPL Collegiate Nationals in Atlanta, GA



Class of 2014 Recruiting Team Rankings

This may be the first time anyone has published this type of information, much less attempt to rank recruiting classes of collegiate powerlifting teams. We have to start somewhere!

I will say that not everyone was willing to provide information. Several coaches provided a glimpse of what they have, with the agreement of not publishing their list.

How many of these lifters will have what it takes to make it to the 2015 Collegiate Nationals in Atlanta?


Class of 2014 – Women’s Team Rankings
1. University of Texas-San Antonio
2. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
3. University of Houston-Downtown
4. Louisiana Tech University
5. Texas A&M University


Class of 2014 – Men’s Team Rankings
1. University of Texas-San Antonio
2. Louisiana Tech University
3. Texas A&M University
4. University of Texas
5. University of Houston-Downtown


Photo courtesy of Wes Zunker

Photo courtesy of Wes Zunker

The University of Texas-San Antonio

The University of Texas-San Antonio women’s team, fresh off their victory at the 2014 USAPL Collegiate National Championships, is bringing in a HISTORIC recruiting class this Fall. Congrats to Molly & Wes Zunker. The numbers speak for themselves!

The University of Texas-San Antonio Women’s Class of 2014
Jaelynn Clark – SHW – East Central HS, San Antonio, TX #3 National Ranking
Brytany Ybarra – 114 – Southside HS, San Antonio, TX #10 National Ranking
Amanda Lopez – 105 – Crystal City HS, TX #15 National Ranking
Cindy Galvan – 181 – East HS Weslaco, TX #22 National Ranking
Lauren Center – 132 – Lytle HS, TX #55 National Ranking
Dakota Young – 165 – A&M Consolidated, College Station, TX #142 National Ranking
Alexa Magana – 97 – Seguin HS, TX
Danielle Ross – 132 – Monsignor Donovan High School, Toms River, NJ

This is an all-star class. Add these ladies with returning team members (Allegra Hudson-1st , Victoria Vargas-1st, & Desiree Estrada-3rd) and they may be unstoppable for many years to come. Collegiate Nationals use IPF Weight Classes and only 5 lifters are used in team scoring.


The UTSA Men’s team also loaded up with talent! They placed 3rd as a team at Nationals in 2014. Is a possible 2015 sweep by UTSA in the making? If a sweep were to happen, it would solidify the mecca movement of collegiate powerlifting officially from Louisiana to Texas (after two decades)!

The University of Texas-San Antonio Men’s Class of 2014
Enrique Lugo – 242 – Jourdanton HS, TX #8 National Ranking
Coy Jorden – 165 – Teague HS, TX #47 National Ranking
Rudy Martinez – 132 – Carrizo Springs HS, TX #114 National Ranking
Jared Garcia – 165 – Calallen HS, Corpus Christi, TX #130 National Ranking
Angel Moreno – 165 – Lake View HS, San Antonio, TX #177 National Ranking
Pete Olivarez – 114 – Orange Grove HS, TX


University of Houston-Downtown

The University of Houston-Downtown and coach John Hudson is starting to develop steam with their recruiting as well. This team will break the top 3 at collegiate nationals sooner than most people think.

List of scholarship signees and walkons
Priscilla Perez – SHW – Brooks Academy, San Antonio, TX #119 National Ranking
Deanna Pinkston – Louise HS, TX
Damian Schultz – Clear Creek HS, League City, TX
Alexander Coleman – St. Joseph HS – Victoria, TX
Erin Costa – Ball HS, Galveston, TX
Federico Jaureguy Piccocchi – Langham Creek HS, Katy, TX
Joshua Bell – Cinco Ranch HS, Katy, TX


Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University has scooped up several solid lifters from north Louisiana (this may not be a complete list). The Louisiana Tech Men’s team have watched the national title slip through their hands the last two years to The University of Texas. With UT lifters Ian Bell and Preston Turner graduating this year, the men’s team title is completely up for grabs in Atlanta!

Jaylon Casson – SHW – Natchitoches HS, LA #119 National Ranking
Kyle Vandergracht – Sterlington HS, Monroe, LA

Dynesha Williams – Delhi HS, LA #148 National Ranking
November Smiley – Tioga HS, Ball, LA
Jacy Barron – Union Parish HS, Farmerville, LA


Texas A&M University

Texas A&M will be bringing in a large class this year, but they are not ready to count their chickens (and freebirds) just yet. However, I have confirmed with 5-star recruit Ben Nevares that he will be joining team. With a few rumored recruits coming through (and returning veterans), Texas A&M will definitely be in the team title mix in Atlanta.

Ben Nevares – 181 – Edcouch-Elsa HS, Edcouch, TX #16 National Ranking


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Denisha Melancon – 148 – Lutcher HS, LA #9 National Ranking
Destiny Walker – 114 – Lutcher HS, LA #30 National Ranking

UL Lafayette and coach Travis Werner have a long history of taking “newbies” (that they find in the student center, swamp boardwalk, or Bourgeois Hall) and turning them into All-Americans. Having an internationally experienced lifter (& leader) like Denisha will only be a bonus for this team. Denisha has the potential to score major points for UL Lafayette for many years to come. It doesn’t matter how much talent UT-San Antonio brings in, don’t count out UL Lafayette in Atlanta (2015) and Boston (2016).


Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston has made a splash in recent years with several great individual lifters at collegiate nationals. With the official coaching duties turned over to Michael Hafenbrack (LaTech alum), expect a larger team showing up in Atlanta. I can’t say enough positive things about “Haf”; he has been successful on EVERY stage (HS, Collegiate, JR Worlds, & Open Worlds), and I would consider him to be one of the most knowledgable coaches in this country. He also fully understands club sports, fundraising, and the importance of recruiting.

Jordan Glenn – 198 – Transfer from Houston-Downtown


Other 4 & 5-star recruits that you may see in Atlanta.

(We could see some interesting transfers in January)

Michael Rodriguez – 242 – Kingsville King HS, TX #1 National Ranking will be attending TAMU-Kingsville in the fall.
Dalton La Coe – 114 – Abington Heights HS, Clarks Summit, PA will be attending a local community college for his first year of college.
Jordan Plantiko – 198 – Nathan Hale HS, West Allis, WI will be attending University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, WI.
Danny Voekel – 123 – Whitnall HS, WI #235 National Ranking (123 National Champion). Will be attending Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, WI.

Teagan Schwab – 148 – HS Neenah, WI #36 National Ranking. Will be attending McKendree University, Lebanon, IL.
Leaja Batimon – 165 – Columbia HS, MS #42 National Ranking will be attending Jones County Junior College, Ellisville, MS for her first year of college.


4 & 5-star recruits that I know nothing about, but hope to see in Atlanta.

Ryan Gray – 181 – Eau Claire North, HS, WI
Mitchell Fountain – 220 – Woodlands HS, Conroe, TX
Dakota Cooksy – 242 – Calallen HS, Corpus Christi, TX
Matt Garcia – 220 – Ben Bolt HS, TX
Mississippi Grads (Bator, Bramlett, Wray, & Burse)
Wisconsin Grads (Ambroch, & Van Asten)
Louisiana Grads (Reviere, Harrell, Faust, & Curter)

Ashley Garay – 114 – Los Fresnos, TX
Kailee Guth – 114 – Adams-Friendship HS, Adams, WI
Alejandra Avila – 114 – Silsbee HS, TX
Kristian Villegas – 132 – Calhoun HS, Port Lavaca, TX
Johannah Theisen – 198 – Regis HS, Eau Claire, WI
Kassy Zamorano – 97 – Los Fresnos HS, TX
Mississippi Grads (Hopkins, Flemons, & Forbes)
Wisconsin Grads (Ripley, Kettlewell, Herried, Cross, Lynch, & Ziepke)


Have you committed to lifting in college? Email me at Trey@PowerliftingHigh.com and I’ll add you to the list.


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