2015 High School Powerlifting Rankings


About Our Rankings

About our Rankings

Our rankings are NOT based solely on totals.

Our rankings are based on a normative mathematical model using 13 variables of distinct measure. These variables (e.g. equipment, location, etc..) have been carefully selected and back tested to create a proper ranking based on the ability and potential of the entire pool of lifters in the country. Not all high school organizations follow the same rules. We are in constant communication with a network of high school coaches and administrators across the country that have helped distinguish the small subtleties of each state’s rules and practices (e.g. weigh-ins, equipment, squat depth, etc.).

One of our baseline used to evaluate lifters is based on the potential to be successful at the USAPL High School Nationals and / or the IPF Sub-Junior World Championships. What is NOT Considered in the rankings? How much hard work each lifter puts in during the off-season and in-between each competition.


My Qualifications

1. Ph.D. in Human Performance & M.S. in Exercise Science.
2. Ph.D. Minor in Educational Research & Statistics (30 graduate hours), including multivariate, factor, and regression analysis.
3. During my time as head coach of Louisiana Tech Powerlifting team, the importance of networking with coaches, assisting high school lifters and meet directors, and identifying talent was part of a recruiting philosophy that led to great national and international success.
4. Powerlifting in high school clearly directed me on the career and life path that I am on today. This website is dedicated to the future paths created by Powerlifting! Read more: About Page