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1 What we do

  • We provide national and state rankings, which includes a composite national ranking system (first of its kind) that we created to compare high school lifters from across the nation.
  • We write meet reports and articles related to High School Powerlifting.
  • We promote drug-free, healthy, and life-long learning habits under the context of Powerlifting.
  • We aim to change the life course of just 1% of High School Powerlifters in this country.

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2 What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a relatively new (~50 years) strength sport. The sport consists of three lifts: Squat, BenchPress and Deadlift. The best of these three lifts (judged) are added together to create a “Total” and designate weight class winners. Read More…



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5 Powerlifting in College

Powerlifting does not end after High School. Actually, the best is yet to come. Helping high school lifters make the transition to lifting in college is our passion.

These are our latest articles about Collegiate Powerlifting:
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Powerlifting Class of 2014: The rich get richer!



6 Rankings

Composite National Rankings – Girls – Boys – Teams

National Rankings by Weight Class

Rankings by State – Texas – Wisconsin – Louisiana – Mississippi

Ranking by Class – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018




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