Get Recruited!

Are you interested in powerlifting in college?

Fill out the contact below and we will send a collective email to all of the collegiate programs that we have built relationships with.



Note:  We are not contacting the school’s admissions office.  We are only forwarding your information to powerlifting coaches, club representatives, and student officers of these programs that have powerlifting in college.  These individuals should be interested in growing their program.  However, they may or may not help provide additional information about their school.


Schools we will send your information:

Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX)
Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA)
Louisiana Tech University
Northeastern (Boston, MA)
McKendree University (Lebanon, IL)
Penn State University (State College, PA)
Sam Houston State University
Texas A&M (College Station, TX)
The University of Texas (Austin, TX)
University of Houston-Downtown (Houston, TX)
University of Texas-San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
University of Georgia (Athens, GA)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
US Military Academy (Army)

(We are still building relationships with other schools)