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FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

Where is the shipment from?

We work in the USA. All orders are shipped from the United States by US mail with 1st class shipments, which eliminates the risk of falling under the “Smuggling” clause. Any shipment from the territory of neighboring states is fraught with criminal liability for the customer under the article “Smuggling”. Be vigilant when placing orders on third-party resources, sellers often mislead gullible buyers, taking advantage of their ignorance of the laws.

What are the payment methods?

Bank cards or Bitcoin

What are the delivery methods?

Delivery “Mail 1st class” is carried out by mail of 1st class.
Delivery by courier service EMS and other TC is not provided due to high risks.
What are the guarantees that I will receive my order? Where can I find feedback on your work?

Over the years, we have delivered about 50,000 orders to our customers. The number of our new clients is only growing every day. During this time, we have developed a huge positive reputation and it would be very foolish to lose all this because of one or even hundreds of orders.

What are the delivery times?

The average delivery time based on statistics on recently completed orders is 5-14 business days.
Actual delivery times may differ both upward and downward depending on the speed, quality of work of the US Post and the remoteness of the region in which you live.

When will I receive my package number?

The postal item number (parcel track code) is a 14-digit number assigned to each parcel by which you can track the movement of your order across the United States on the US postal website.

You will find the number of the parcel sent in your personal account in the “Order History” section 18 days after the order has been paid.

Why do you issue a track 18 days after payment of the order?

The departure number is issued strictly 18 days after payment of the order. This is due to the security issues of our couriers.
If you have conditions for which you need to receive an order earlier, take care of this in advance. For example, go to the post office and ask to inform you about the arrival of the parcel immediately. There are a lot of options for solving this issue.

If I receive the track 18 days after payment, then you send the order 18 days after payment?

No. The order usually leaves within 3-7 days after receiving the payment. The track of the parcel is issued after 18 days for our safety.

If the order arrives at the post office before 18 days, how can I receive my order?

You can wait for the postal notification that will come to you from the post office after the receipt of the order and receive the order for it.

But my post office doesn’t deliver postal notices. How do I get my order?

Wait for the track in 18 days or go to the post office and ask to inform you immediately after the receipt of the parcel in your name.

What is required to receive an order?

To receive your order at the U.S. Post Office, you will need your passport and postal slip or shipment number.

How are the statuses of my order deciphered?

"Awaiting payment" - the order has been created, but not paid. Pay for the order;
“Accepted for work” - the order has been paid for and handed over to our couriers for packaging and dispatch;
“Submitted to Delivery Service” - Your order has been sent by US Post. In your personal account in the "Order history" section, you will see the parcel track code. For the safety of our couriers, the “Submitted to delivery service” status usually changes 10 business days after the “Accepted for work” status, but delays may occur due to reasons beyond our control. Due to the illegality of our activities, there are many factors affecting our work about which we cannot speak publicly. When placing an order in the store, you understand the risk and responsibility of what is happening and agree that there may be delays in sending and receiving the track code of your parcel up to 18-21 days. Please keep this in mind when placing your order. If the order arrives before the delivery of the track from the mail, you will receive a notification on it, you can receive the parcel without waiting for the number .;
"Reminder" - the order was created, but not paid within 24 hours. Pay for the order;
"Order canceled" - the order was created, but not paid within 48 hours and canceled. If you didn't have time to pay, place a new order.

“Guys, please do not I need to write several messages a day or every other day” is my order already sent? “,” When was my order sent? ” “What is the status of the order?” “Issue a track” “it’s been 10 days where is the track?” “Well, what about sending?” etc., etc. I remember everyone about everyone, get your tracks and parcels now, be patient, calmly awaiting the track.If more than 18 days have passed since the payment of the order and the number has not been displayed in your personal account, only then write to us by mail

“Please issue a track by order No. *