December Update- 2015 High School Powerlifting Nationals

Each month, we will have a quick article updating new developments regarding the 2015 High School National Championships in Milwaukee, WI.

Last month, I got the opportunity to visit Milwaukee, meet with Tonya Lambeth (meet director), and visit the meet site.

Here are my thoughts:


Milwaukee Airport: Compared to flying from Atlanta, the Milwaukee airpot is small and easy to navigate. Traveling back Sunday night, there was not a single person in the security line, which was a first for me.

Airport Shuttle: This area of the airport is under construction. It should be finished by March 26th. I called the hotel and they said they would send someone to pick me up. I waited about 7 minutes (in March I will call in advance) and the well marked mini-bus arrived. The complimentary ride to the airport was just shy of 10 minutes.


Meet Venue (Crown Plaza Airport)

Hotel: My first impression (before walking in the door) was, is this venue big enough? However, after walking through the front door, my concerns were quickly dismissed. The lobby area looks to be newly renovated and is very contemporary (picture). I was able to meet with several of the hotel event planners to hear their vision of the March weekend, to show me the ballroom (picture) and the adjacent meeting rooms. The large ballroom and all available meeting rooms have been reserved. Powerlifters will basically take over the entire hotel!


Meeting with Tonya

I thank Tonya for sharing details of the vision for herself and the WHSPA regarding how to create an exciting atmosphere and experience for the competition this year. We discussed the difference between “must have” components of the meet and “would be nice” components. Their “must have” components alone are bold and will set a precedent for future competitions. We can’t wait to assist in sharing that information when it becomes official.



Registration will be completely online (including payments). The online system will be open in January. As soon as we know a deadline, we will let you know. Online registration will allow for a quicker check-in when you arrive and better data input (you will be the last person to spell your name wrong). Perhaps the best part is that a list of competitors will be updated and available in advance like never before.


Meet Schedule

The tentative schedule is based on the number of projected lifters. These times are subject to change. Link to Schedule


Need more information?

If you are new to the thought of lifting at High School Nationals, I would recommend two things:
1) Read the FAQ page on the official website of the competition. This great resource will “make gains” as we get closer to the competition.
2) After reading the FAQ, there is a CONTACT US at the bottom of the page. That email will go directly to meet director, Tonya.


Visit the Official 2015 High School Nationals Website


Our Disclaimer

We are not officially associated with the USAPL or High School Nationals. We are an independent media agency that promotes High School Powerlifting.


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