Day 3 (Sunday) had very high expectations. Those expectations were met or exceeded with the great High School Powerlifting Nationals that we witnessed!



75ks/165lb Class

Nicole Lynch (Necedah) took care of business today. She went 7 for 9 totaling 405kg/893lbs. With only a 7.5kg/16lbs lead going into deadlift, making every lift was critical. She did that and finished with 177.5kg/391lbs on her third attempt in order to secure the gold medal.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.50.26 PM


If you are tracking at home, that is 3 first place finishes for Necedah’s girls team (to this point).

Emily Kopecky (Phillips) didn’t have the best of days in squat or bench. If she would have just made one more squat attempt, she would have had the opportunity to pull for the win.

1st Nicole Lynch – Necedah – 405kg/893lbs
2nd Emily Kopecky – Phillips – 397.5kg/876lbs
3rd Zena Esquivel – Carrizo Springs – 390kg/860lbs
4th Lakayshia Williams – ASH – 355kg/783lbs


82.5kg/181lb Class

Nicole Lynch (165lb class winner) may consider sharing a piece of her gold medal with Lacey Winters. Why? Because Stephanie Brown (Wills Point, TX) weighed in just above the 75kg/165lbs weight class limit (75.5kg) bumping her up to the 82.5kg/181lbs class.

Stephanie could have won either class. She totaled more than Nicole and Lacey finishing with a 425kg total on the day.

Lacey had a great day going 8 for 9 and totaling 412.5kg/909lbs. Coach Mach decided not to take a shot at Stephanie on a third attempt deadlift for the win. Why? Because second place was not locked up. An entire flight full of girls were fighting for what Lacey could easily acquire.

Lacey Winters (Necedah, WI)

Lacey Winters (Necedah, WI)


Look at the depth of this class! 2nd through 7th place was seperated by only 12.5kg/27lbs!

1st Stephanie Brown – Wills Point, TX – 425kg/937lbs
2nd Lacey Winters – Necedah, WI – 412.5kg/909lbs
3rd Karley Wyngaard – Neenah, WI – 407.5kg/898lbs
4th Dominique Bourgeois – Pope John Paul, LA – 405kg/893lbs
5th Tamera Lusk – ASH, LA – 402.5kg/887lbs
6th Marissa Hinojosa – Pleasonton, TX – 402.5kg/887lbs
7th Amyri Davis – Lutcher, LA – 400kg/882lbs


90kg/198lb Class

The 198lb class seemed close during squat. Marisol Palcios (Poth) made 207.5kg/457lbs on her second attempt and missed 215kg on her third.

Johannah Theisen (Regis, WI) however made the same 215kg/474lbs on her third. That was about the only time it seemed close. Johannah finished with a 102.5kg/226lbs bench press (12.5kg more than Marisol).

Johannah Theisen (Regis, WI)

Johannah Theisen (Regis, WI)


They both opened at 152.5kg/336lbs, however, Johannah jumped 30kg/66lbs on her second and another 12.5kg/27lbs on her third attempt of 195kg/430lbs to finish strong and take the gold medal in this class.

Marisol finished by making all three of her deadlifts and totaling a very respectable 485kg/1,025lbs.

In distant third was Jennifer Kosinski (Necedah) scoring very valuable team points. For those of you still scoring at home, Necedah has three 1st places, one 2nd place, and one 3rd place.

1st Johannah Theisen – Regis, WI – 512.5kg/1,1130lbs
2nd Marisol Palacious – Poth, TX – 485kg/1,025lbs
3rd Jennifer Kosinski – Necedah, WI – 400kg/882lbs
4th Taylor Thomas – Lutcher, LA – 375kg/827lbs
5th Sabrina Keyes – New Richmond, WI – 365kg/805lbs


90+kg/198+lb Class

Watching Jaelynn Clark was simply a treat! This young lady has a bright future in powerlifting at the international level. Don’t get me wrong, she has plenty of learning to do and experience to gain first. But this was only her second USAPL meet and first time on the national stage. If you watch her once, you will believe she is the real deal.

Jaelynn Clark (East Central HS, San Antonio, TX)

Jaelynn Clark (East Central HS, San Antonio, TX)


Jaelynn squatted 245kg/540lbs which was a new T3 American Record on her third attempt. She has the most room for improvement in her bench press. She benched 122.5kg/270lbs on her third attempt.

After her second attempt deadlift of 210kg/463lbs, she had a 577.5kg/1,273lbs total. Her coaches loaded 222.5kg/490lbs for her third attempt to give her a smooth 590kg/1,300lbs total. She ripped it off the floor pretty easy, but had trouble locking it out without a hitch. Jaelynn finished with a 577.5kg/1,273lbs total.

Jaelynn Clark (East Central HS, San Antonio, TX)

Jaelynn Clark (East Central HS, San Antonio, TX)


Not to be overshadowed by Jaelynn, is an elite lifter, China Storks (Lutcher, LA). China went 9 for 9 (five straight hours with a smile) and a big total of 522.5kg/1,152lbs.

China Storks (Lutcher, LA)

China Storks (Lutcher, LA)


1st Jaelynn Clark – East Central, San Antonio, TX – 577.5kg/1,273lbs
2nd China Storks – Lutcher, LA – 522.5kg/1,152lbs
3rd Priscilla Perez – Brooks Academy, San Antonio, TX – 460kg/1,014lbs
4th Brittnye Lang – Racine Horlick – 452.5kg/998lbs
5th Andera Jeffers – Adam Friendship – 430kg/948lbs


Team Competition

There were three significant points in the meet that pushed Necedah, WI into the lead for the girls team competition: 1) Taylor LaChappelle lifting in the junior varsity division, 2) Stephanie Rattunde’s third attempt deadlift (& Ashley Mitchell miss), & 3) scoring a total of 21 points in the 165-181 classes with Nicole Lynch and Lacey Winters. Congrats to Necedah for taking the girls team title!

I asked Coach Erich Mach of Necedah, WI if he would compare this years nationals with previous ones. He said, “This is the most competitive girls meet that I have seen in the past 13 year!”

Louisiana teams Lutcher and ASH were very strong and I believe brought the level of competition up to an extra level. They just did not have the depth of lifters that Necedah had this year.

After the 97lbs class deadlift, Necedah was put on notice for the meet in 2016!

Girls Team Placing
1st Necedah, WI
2nd Lutcher, LA
3rd Alexandria Senior High, LA

Congrats to all the teams who competed. I think the team aspect of this sport is what makes the High School Nationals (& Collegiates) the most intense and exciting meet(s) in the country.




198lb Class

If you saw Josh Bickham (Covington, LA) in his gym clothes, listening to his studio beats, and hanging out in the the warm-up room, you would never guess that he lifts at a level that only a few powerlifters will ever reach. Stoic and calm, his warmups and max attempts look the same.

Josh is also the same guy who blew up the interweb this week with articles by Yahoo Sports and MaxPrep, after his amazing performance last week at the Louisiana State Meet. Even I caught myself watching (and not taking pictures) in awe.


Josh Bickham (Covington, LA)

Josh Bickham (Covington, LA)


Two weeks in a row he was impressive. However, he showed that he still had his limits. He missed his second attempt squat of 295kg/650lbs but returned to make it on his third. He finished with a 187.5kg/413lbs bench press. His best lift is his deadlift. He finished with 317.5kg/700lbs on his second pull.

On his third deadlift he attempted to break Ian Bell‘s teenage American Record by going 335kg/738lbs. If you haven’t heard of Ian Bell (now a SR at the University of Texas), he is only the best deadlifter in the country and one of the best in the entire world.

Josh gave it a ride, but was just out of gas and unsuccessful. I hope he gets to give it a try again this summer.

Josh Bickham

Josh Bickham (Covington, LA)


Josh finished with a 800kg/1,746lbs total and only a few points behind Dalton LaCoe for winning outstanding lifter of the entire meet.

Keaton Rodriguez (Slidell, LA) held off the newcomer Jordan Plantiko (WI) for the second place spot. Keaton pulled 277.5kg on his last deadlift for the silver medal.

Keaton Rodriguez (Northshore HS, Covington, LA)

Keaton Rodriguez (Northshore HS, Covington, LA)


1st Josh Bickham – Covington, LA – 800kg/1,764lbs
2nd Keaton Rodriguez – Slidell, LA – 707.5kg/1,560lbs
3rd Jordan Plantiko – WI – 707.5kg/1,560lbs
4th Montel Leggett – Glen Mills – 682.5kg/1,505lbs
5th Colt Grow – Covington – 672.5kg/1,483lbs


220lb Class

Drake Ambroch (Whitnall, WI) claimed this class during the squat with a T2 American Record on his second attempt of 327.5kg/722lbs. Drake was able to stay ahead of both Seth Rodriguez (Arrowhead, WI) and Blade Bronstad (Calallen, TX) and finish with a comfortable lead.

Drake Ambroch (Whitnall, WI)

Drake Ambroch (Whitnall, WI)


After watching Tyler Kinder (ASH – SO), I was expecting him to give a stronger run for the title. However, lifting two weeks in a row was just not enough time for him to rest. I look for Tyler to improve over the next few years. I am calling it now; I’m picking Tyler to win outstanding lifter at the 2016 High School Nationals his senior year.

Tyler Kinder

Tyler Kinder (ASH)


1st Drake Ambroch – Whitnall, WI – 765kg/1,687lbs
2nd Seth Rodriguez – Arrowhead, WI – 745kg/1,642lbs
3rd Blade Bronstad – Calallen, TX – 725kg/1,598lbs
4th Tyler Kinder – ASH, LA – 722.5kg/1,593lbs
5th Jimmy Marks – Hershey – 647.5kg/1,427lbs


242lb Class

This was the first time I have been able to watch Dakotta Cooksy. He put together a nice total of 785kg/1,731lbs for the win.

Dakotta Cooksy – Calallen, TX

Dakotta Cooksy – Calallen, TX


Chance Barney was a distant second, but scored valuable team points for Covington.

1st Dakotta Cooksy – Calallen, TX – 785kg/1,731lbs
2nd Chance Barney – Covington, LA – 727.5kg/1,604lbs
3rd Alex Stoll – Osceola, WI – 705kg/1,554lbs
4th Jathan Cutrer – Covington, LA – 692.5kg/1,527lbs
5th Mitchell Cowman – Whitnall, WI – 682.5kg/1,505lbs


275lb Class

Bobby Gonzales (Raymondville) was not able to get the depth required for all three of his squats (357.5kg/788lbs).

This left the class wide open for Racine Horlick lifters Matt Hammond and Jacob McFarland to take the first two places.

1st Matt Hammond – Racine Horlick, WI – 712.5kg/1,571lbs
2nd Jacob McFarland – Racine Horlick, WI – 677.5kg/1,494lbs
3rd Kyle Salzwedel – GET, WI – 670kg/1,477lbs
4th Isaiah Garcia, Dilley – 665kg/1,466lbs
5th Christopher Hurley – Parkview – 645kg/1,422lbs


SHW Class

Rudy Flores (United South, Laredo, TX) was impressive! He made a squat of 365kg/804lbs (meet high) on his third attempt. He also set a new T2 American Record of 242.5kg/534lbs in the bench press.


Rudy Flores (United South HS, Laredo, TX)

Rudy Flores (United South HS, Laredo, TX)


Rudy totaled 907.5kg/2,001lbs to win the gold medal to complete lifting at the 2014 High School Nationals.

We knew Rudy qualified on March 9th in Kingsville, but he was not listed in the nominations. It was a nice surprise seeing him at weigh-ins on Sunday.

We can only hope that the SubJunior world team coach Curt St. Romain, can get him to Hungary in order to show off his abilities to the entire world.

How well will he compete at the World Championships? For a reference point, Rudy squatted and totaled more than the IPF SubJunior World Record today!

1st Rudy Flores – United South, Laredo, TX – 907.5kg/2,001lbs
2nd Spencer Stokes – Omro, WI – 695kg/1,532lbs
3rd Tyshawn Anderson – Glen Mills – 665kg/1,466lbs
4th Julius Gonzalez – Dilley – 622.5kg/1,372lbs
5th Eli Peterson – Adams Friendship – 615kg/1,356lbs


Boys Team Results
1. Covington, LA
2. Whitnall, WI
3. Glen Mills, PA

Yes, I was completely wrong for picking Glen Mills to win the team title. They had the lifters in the right weight class to pull off the upset, but were not able to keep up with the amazing competition this weekend.

Congrats to the Covington High School boys team for winning the national title.

Covington HS Powerlifting

Covington HS Boys National Championships




Combined (Boys & Girls) Team Results
1. Racine Horlick, WI
2. Alexandria Senior High (ASH), LA
3. Carrizo Springs, TX
4. Neenah, WI
5. Omro, WI

The upset of the weekend by Racine Horlick: With Bobby Gonzales disqualifying in the 275lbs class, Racine Horlick took 1st and 2nd place in that class and scored the necessary points to catch ASH for the combined title.


Racine Horlick, WI Boys and Girls Combined National Team Champions

Racine Horlick, WI
Boys and Girls Combined National Team Champions


Day 1 (Friday) – Junior Varsity Division

Day 2 (Saturday) – Varsity Division 

Our Preview of the High School National Championships


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