Powerlifting Class of 2017

(Updated February 24, 2015)


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Class of 2017 – Girls


Five Stars  

Taylor LaChapelle – SJR – 97 – Adams-Friendship HS, Adams, WI


Four & Half Stars  

Robin Johnson – 165 – Soldotna HS, AK
Samantha Sherwood – 148 – Adams-Friendship HS, Adams, WI
Lexi Harris – SHW – Cleburne HS, TX
Rhiannon Mach – SJR – 123 – Necedah HS, WI

Four Stars  

Steph Lavoy – 97 – Necedah HS, WI
Acaionia Smith – 181 – Meridian HS, MS



Class of 2017 – Boys


Five Stars  

Christian Dunn – 165 – Ouachita Christian HS, Monroe, LA

Four Stars  

Jalyne Quinn – 148 – Oak Grove HS, Hattiesburg, MS
Lyntez Merritt – 114 – Kosciusko HS, MS
Kentrell Norris – 114 – Peabody HS, Alexandria, LA


This is a subjective ranking based on our national rankings and our “guesstimate” of your grade level. We have added a few new variables in this ranking, but it really boils down to this one statement: If, once again, I were a collegiate powerlifting coach, this would be my recruiting list to build a national championship caliber team (regardless of school location). Remember, you don’t have to be on a team to compete at Collegiate Nationals.

Here are the additional variables:
1) Interest level in attending college. Have you ever thought about lifting in college? Start thinking about it! Collegiate powerlifting is the ultimate experience. Send me a note. Let me know that you are interested in Collegiate Powerlifting.
2) Ability to adapt to the USAPL Collegiate National meet.
3) Scoring significant team points as a Freshman and/or filling a weight class that is less competitive. For example, at the 2013 Collegiate Nationals, there were only 4 lifters in the male 53kg/116lb weight class. However, there were 29 lifters in the 93kg/205lbs class (Yes, the weight classes are different in college).
4) Several of the lifters in the Top 100 will earn NCAA athletic scholarships in other sports. This will obviously decrease the chances of a lifter competing in college.

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We will be providing more information about Collegiate Powerlifting in the near future.


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