Author: Trey Cunningham, Ph.D.

2014 Texas HS Girls State Powerlifting Championships

  We were not able to attend the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting State Meet (this year) held at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX. However, some of the results are definitely worth noting with High School Nationals roughly 10 days away.   1. Jaelynn Clark (East Central HS, San Antonio) has been under-ranked all year. I have moved her to the #1 ranked lifter in the State of Texas (she has earned)! Everyone has heard by now, she truly had a historic day. I am not aware (my email of any female high school lifter in the United States who has totaled 1,330lbs. Wow! Here are some of the current state records that we have put together. We will exclude Teenage and American Records at this point (wait until she lifts at High School nationals). THSWPA – 1,250lbs (Previous Record) LHSPLA – Ashton Chatelain – 1,220lbs WHSPA – Becky Cook – 1,200lbs (no shirt) Kicker… IPF Sub-Junior World Record (World Standard) Total is 1,300lbs.   2. As expected, the Sam Machuca (San Benito) vs Ashley Garay (Los Fresnos) match was epic. Both outstanding lifters went head-to-head and Machuca successfully made her third attempt deadlift (state record) for the win! They both totaled 815lbs, with Machuca weighing a mere 101.2.   3. Machuca and Garay both get credit for the state record of 815lbs. Over half...

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Preview – Wisconsin HS State Powerlifting Meet

  Yes, I am quite excited to be heading to Wisconsin this weekend to cover the 2014 Wisconsin High School State Powerlifting Championships! NOT FROM WISCONSIN? Don’t stop reading. I have information for you, too! Remember, this website is about the promotion of High School Powerlifting at the NATIONAL level. Visit us to learn about what other states do things.   5 points for those not familiar with Wisconsin HS Powerlifting 1. While not having the the largest number of lifters, Wisconsin has more than its share of IPF World Champions and phenomenal lifters. Hall of Fame Page. 2. They also have a great website. The plethora of information and frequency of updating by Joe Lewis (WHSPA President) is amazing. Wisconsin takes communication seriously. 3. Their state meet is sanctioned by USAPL. Yes, they are judged by USAPL rules and adhere to their drug testing policies. State Meet Website & Schedule. 4. Bench Press shirts are not allowed during season (But, they know how to use them at nationals)! 5. What state did High School Powerlifting begin? The WHSPA website lists Lincoln High School of Manitowoc, WI as the team champions of 1968 (46 Years). One of my goals this weekend is to talk to Shawn Cain about this (and anyone else who will speak to me).   The top 5 things I’m looking forward to this weekend! 1....

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