Wisconsin High School Powerlifting State Championships

March 14-15, 2015

Hosted by Necedah Powerlifting Club





For the second year in a row, I traveled to the Wisconsin state championships with high expectations. This year it would be to the small village of Necedah population 916! Historically, Necedah has been one of the premiere names mentioned at the national and international level; I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make the trip.

I have been watching the Necedah weather for months and every time I looked (I actually cringed) I kept seeing sub-zero and sub-freezing weather. However, this weekend delivered a “heat wave” of sorts with a sunny 60 degrees. It was perfect weather. Regardless of the perfect weather that everyone in the Necedah gymnasium had been waiting on, the place was packed and ready to witness some amazing lifting.

It is not everyday that you get the opportunity to watch a handful of Sub-Junior world champs (future ones too) in different weight classes lift on multiple platforms at the same time. Saturday morning was one of those rare times.




Girls Competition

97lb Class

Speaking of world class lifters, Stephanie Rattunde, from Necedah had her sights on breaking several state and American records. Not only did she accomplish many of her goals, but she still has more to come in two weeks at High School Nationals in Milwaukee, WI. Stephanie went 8 for 9, breaking the squat record by 35lbs and the total by 20lbs [What is worth mentioning is that just last year when Taylor LaChapelle set them, they were immediately considered out of reach for many years to come]. Stephanie only missed one bench press (state record attempt) during the day. Stephanie squatted 300, benched 135, deadlifted 305 and totaled 740lbs. That is a world class total weighing 95.7lbs!




If any lessons were learned about “out of reach” records, Stephanie Lavoy (Necedah) and Delaney Ortiz (Neenah) should take note. These two lifters were impressive to watch with significant upside and several more years competing at the sub-junior and high school levels. We could easily be talking about them breaking records in years to come.




1st Stephanie Rattunde – Necedah – 740lbs
2nd Stephanie Lavoy – Necedah – 570lbs
3rd Delaney Ortiz – Neendah – 530lbs


105lb Class

PowerliftingHigh’s #1 ranked female in the nation, Taylor LaChapelle (Adams-Friendship), fell a little short of her goals this year at state.




She had a long off-season this year including competing, winning, and earning the outstanding lifter award at the Sub-Junior World Championships in Hungary. She was also the youngest to compete at the Women’s Open World Championships in November in Colorado. She did set the new bench press record to 150lbs. Look for Taylor to redeem herself in the near future.




Alena Trinidad also had a great day going 9 for 9. With solid lifts across the board, she is primed to put up a big number at High School Nationals in two weeks.




1st Taylor LaChapelle – Adams-Friendship – 775lbs
2nd Alena Trinidad – Necedah – 665lbs
3rd Kara Brightwell – Saint Mary’s – 575lbs



114lb Class

Going 7 for 9 (but not from a lack of strength) was Tristyn Hutchins (Necedah) who dominated the class. After a huge squat of 370lbs, “Hutch” cruised through the day.



The disappointment of missing her last deadlift cannot be overshadowed by posting a huge 865lbs total. I’d be surprised if we do not see a 900+ total when she adds a bench shirt in two weeks.




1st Tristan Hutchins – Necedah – 865lbs
2nd Alycia Larson – Logan – 670lbs
3rd Kate Svoboda – Phillips – 635lbs


123lb Class

The performance of the day goes to Lauren Lent (Whitnall HS). Yes, a 965lbs total at 123 is big, but it was the manner in which she did it. The speed of her 410lb squat and the pop from the ground (stiff Ivanko bar) of her 405 deadlift was impressive to say the least.




She increased her own squat and total records from last year. She also tied Alex Schillinger’s (Phillips 2010) deadlift record of 405lbs. Sidenote: The world record is only 374lbs.




A 965lbs total would also be the state record for the the 132lbs, 148lbs, 165lbs, and 181lbs classes.

With this performance Lauren has regained the #1 Wisconsin, National, & World Ranking (for at least the next few days or weeks)!




Not to be overshadowed, but Taylor Klemmensen (New Richmond) put up a solid 805lb total for second place.




1st Lauren Lent – Whitnall – 965lbs
2nd Taylor Klemmensen – New Richmond – 805lbs
3rd Megan Plantz – Necedah – 740lbs


132lb Class

After the dominating performances in the first 4 weight classes, we saw a great battle for the state title in the 132lbs class that was quite entertaining. The favorite coming into the meet was Sam Kroll (North of Eau Claire), but teammates Amanda Zielinski and Morgan DeGuire (Necedah) were conceding.




Sam did not have the day she was hoping for, only going 6 for 9. Her 2nd attempt deadlift gave her an 820lb total. Amanda Zielinski (Necedah) had an unsuccessful attempt of 360lbs for the win. Congrats to Sam on the win. After Sam was awarded the championship trophy, “I am happy. First place is first place, regardless of the performance”. If Amanda would have been successful with her last squat, the last pull attempt would have been in her range.




Throw in team strategy with southern lifters and the 132lbs class at High School Nationals could be the most entertaining battle of the weekend.

1st Sam Kroll – Eau Claire North – 820lbs
2nd Amanda Zielinski – Necedah – 790lbs
3rd Morgan DeGuire – Necedah – 780lbs


148lb Class

After only missing her opening squat, Samantha Sherwood (Adams-Friendship) had a near perfect day. She finished with an 895lbs total and a great american (and momentary state) record pull of 395lbs.




Samantha’s state record lasted for about 50 seconds before teammate Alyssa Kuss pulled one of the most impressive final deadlifts of the weekend. Alyssa also posted a respectable total of 865lbs.




1st Samantha Sherwood – Adams-Friendship – 890lbs
2nd Alyssa Kuss – Adams-Friendship – 865lbs
3rd Tamarah Clemmens – New Richmond – 800lbs


165lb Class

Amongst a very talented (and young) Adam-Friendship girls teams is Amber Kierstyn. Amber pulled a new state record of 410lbs on her third attempt to post a nice 940lbs total.




Out squatting everyone in the class was Julie Lutzen of Whitnall (395lbs). Julie finished second ahead of Emily Kopecky of Phillips.

1st Amber Kierstyn – Adams-Friendship – 940lbs
2nd Julie Lutzen – Whitnall – 870lbs
3rd Emily Kopecky Phillips – 840lbs





181lb Class

Kaija Newman (Osceola) led a deep 181lb class after subtotal and got the afternoon session crowd fired up after her nice 415lbs third attempt squat. However, McKenzie Curtis (River Falls) had the upper hand with the better deadlift. She made all three of her deadlift attempts, finishing with 415lbs, to secure her victory. McKenzie’s deadlift and total of 985lbs is now the new state record!




Finishing third was Karley Wyngaard from Neenah with a 920lbs total.




1st McKenzie Curtis – River Falls – 985lbs
2nd Kaija Newman – Osceola – 955lbs
3rd Karley Wyngaard – Neenah – 920lbs


198lb Class

In an unexpected move, Lacey Winters (Necedah) weighed in right over the 181lbs mark to take the 198lbs title. She cruised through the day with 9 solid lifts including an easy 450lbs deadlift (new state record) and a 1,020lbs total. Lacey is primed to put up a nice total in two weeks in whatever weight class coach Mach has her go.




Lacey Winter – Necedah – 1,020lbs
Katie Hernandez – Necedah – 795lbs
Sabrina Keyes – New Richmond – 780lbs



198+lb Class

What a fun time watching Tiara Thomas (Riverdale), Cerrina Stokes (Omro), and Miriam Hurula (Appleton-Xavier) making back-to-back… to-back 450lb squats! For that 5 minute stretch, not a single person in the Necedah gym was thinking about the bright sun, they were thinking about the red plates stacked on the bar.


Tiara Thomas


Tiara Thomas separated herself from Cerrina and Miriam during the bench press with 185lbs. For those of you reading from outside the state of Wisconsin, that is without a bench press shirt. Just short of a perfect day (missing her last deadlift), Tiara totaled 1,035lbs (and won outstanding hair of the meet).




1st Tiara Thomas – Riverdale – 1,035lbs
2nd Cerrina Stokes – Omro – 985lbs
3rd Miriam Hurula – Appleton Xavier – 945lbs


Team Titles

For the 13th consecutive year, Necedah won the Division 3 title. The young Adams-Friendship team won Division 2. Racine-Horlick won the Division 1 title and will be in the combined team title hunt (defending that title) in two weeks at high school nationals won the Division 1 title.


NecedahPhoto courtesy of Annette Rattunde


Division 3 – Necedah, Phillips, Riverdale
Division 2 – Adams-Friendship, New Richmond, Whitnall
Division 1 – Racine-Horlick, Neenah, South Milwaukee






Boys Competition




114lb Class

After an off-season of solid rest, IPF Sub-Junior silver medalist, Kenny Johnson (Horlick), cruised to victory in the 114lbs class with a 965lbs total.




Kenny is now the state record holder in the squat (390lbs), deadlift (425lbs), and total. Kenny should be the top seed going into High School Nationals when we release our predictions next week.




1st Kenneth Johnson – Racine Horlick – 965lbs
2nd Brandon Schaenzer – Appleton North – 820lbs
3rd Bryce Londerville – Neenah – 775lbs



123lb Class

With an outstanding deadlift of 405lbs, Elizer Clune-Cabigting (Oshkosh North) earned that state championships title with a 965lbs total.

1st Ellizer CluneCabigting – Oshkosh North – 965lbs
2nd Dylan Lanke – Adams-Friendship – 860lbs
3rd Nicholas Piparo – Cudahy – 815lbs


132lb Class

Joe Mui (Neenah) was the front runner coming into the state meet, but Mark Miller (River Falls) put together a solid and gutsy performance to take the title. The difference came when Mark made his 420lbs third attempt squat. He never looked back to see who was chasing him (or was he?) on his way to a 1,020lb total.




Of course he was watching who was chasing him, all eyes were on the scoreboard for two reasons. Joe Mui made up ground (25lbs) in the bench press and made a valiant effort at 430lbs on his last deadlift.




Also, Mark’s brother Brian was in same class. He edged out teammate Riley Tschumper for fourth place.

1st Mark Miller – River Falls – 1,020lbs
2nd Joseph Mui – Neenah – 965lbs
3rd Jamie Gunderson – Altoona – 925lbs


148lb Class

With high expectations, Romellow Dawson (Adams-Friendship), literally stumbled on his first squat attempt, but had a great and impressive day after that. Romellow finished with a 1,350lbs total and 3 of the 4 state records. Romellow won the outstanding lifter award for the state of Wisconsin. Congrats, Romellow!




After matching the state record bench press of 275lbs, Sawyer Haubert (Phillips) made a great effort but missed an attempt to break the state record with 285lbs. Saywer finished with a very respectable 1,220 to take the silver medal.




1st Romellow Dawson – Adams Friendship – 1,350lbs
2nd Sawyer Haubert – Phillips – 1,220lbs
3rd Nicholas Jones – Poynette – 1,090lbs


165lb Class

Teddy Gildersleeve (Osceola) ran away with this class after a successful 2nd attempt squat. Teddy matched the state total record (Stemo 2013) with his huge 645lbs pull. He destroyed the previous, 7 year old, record by 60lbs! He also finished in second place (behind Romellow) for outstanding lifter of the state meet.

Sam Janssen (Little Chute) was able to hold off Riley Porath (Neenah) for second place.

1st Teddy Gildersleeve – Osceola – 1,405lbs
2nd Sam Janssen – Little Chute – 1,250lbs
3rd Riley Porath – Neenah – 1,230lbs


181lb Class

Jason Hanson, from Gale-Etterick-Trempealeau proved to be the best lifter in this class after going 8 for 9 and totaling 1,370lbs. His total included a solid 320lbs bench press, but it was only the second best in class.

Sheldon Fadness (Birchwood) set the new state bench press record of 355lbs (previously held by Gray 2014)!

1st Jason Hanson – GET – 1,370lbs
2nd Nate Windsor – Oak Creek – 1,280lbs
3rd Evan Koehnke – Neenah – 1,225lbs


198lb Class

James Geobel from Whitnall kept their streak alive of having at least one state champion for many years. With a typical Whitnall big squat of 550lbs, James totaled 1,370lbs for the win.




1st James Goebel – Whitnall – 1,370lbs
2nd Seth Calaway – Mauston – 1,315lbs
3rd Dakota Ross – Berlin-Ripon – 1,300lbs


220lb Class

Huge team title implications were on the line in the 220lb class. River Falls stepped up and placed 1st and 2nd to score serious team points!

Both lifters from River Falls, Erik Eaton and Andre Dusek, had less than perfect days, but they were able to keep mistakes to a minimum to hold off Kyle Pulvermacher (Benton) and Kenny Thums (Omro) for those placings.

After bench press, all four competitors were separated by a mere 25lbs. However, the title was won by the lifter who could get it done when the bar was on the ground.

1st Erik Eaton – River Falls – 1,355lbs
2nd Andre Dusek – River Falls – 1,340lbs
3rd Kyle Pulvermacher – 1,325lbs
4th Kenny Thums – Omro – 1,325lbs


242lb Class

Taking down 3 of the 4 state records and dominating this class was Alex Stoll (Osceola).




After borrowing a few red plates from other platforms, Alex had the crowd fired up for both of his state squat record attempts. Even though he fell short, he gave 775lbs a ride that no one will forget! Alex finished with three solid deadlifts and the new state record total of 1,685lbs (+90lb of previous record).




Alex finished 3rd in the outstanding lifter rankings.

1st Alex Stoll – Osceola – 1,685lbs
2nd Mitchell Cowman – Witnall – 1,470lbs
3rd Jordan Zentzis – Osceola – 1,365lbs


275lb Class

Caleb Alsteen was battling history today! How would he do?

Caleb made a successful 680lbs squat, but came up short with an attempt to break the 10 year old squat record on his third attempt. After an easy bench press opener of 360lbs, he missed the 10 year old bench press record twice. During Deadlift, his misfortunes continued by an unsuccessful attempt to break the state deadlift record (only 1 year old) with an attempt of 645lbs.

All was not lost! On Caleb’s second attempt deadlift, he did break the 12 year old total record which was the oldest record on the books (except retired weight classes). I’m sure he would have liked to have all four records, but if you had to choose, breaking the oldest total record in the books would be quite an accomplishment.

Congrats to Caleb for totaling 1,640lbs today and now holding the “youngest” records in the book.


Caleb Alsteen


Placing second was Declan Dilley from Racine-Horlick. Declan had a fair day totaling 1,405lbs. Declan will be a front runner in either the 275lb or 275+lb class next year.

1st Caleb Alsteen – Oshkosh North – 1,640lbs
2nd Declan Dilley – Racine Horlick – 1,405lbs
3rd Tyler Krajewski – Cudahy – 1,330lbs


275+lb Class

Ryan Ratcliff moved up from the 275lb class to take the state title in a close finish.

Ryan Ratcliff – Bloomer – 1,395lbs
Eli Peterson – Adams/Friendship – 1,385lbs
Raymond Arns – St Francis – 1,375lbs


Team Titles


The team title upset came in Division 2, not from Osceola beating Whitnall (6x defending champs), but from River Falls beating both Osceola and Whitnall. The 220lb class was the tipping point for River Falls.


Division 3 – Whitehall, Philips, Necedah
Division 2 – River Falls, Osceola, Whitnall
Division 1 – Racine-Horlick, Neenah, Oak Creek



Final Thoughts

I can’t say enough about the quality of a meet that Coach Mach (Joni that is) and the parents of Necedah (and surrounding schools) put on.

Those familiar with our website know that we rank lifters using formulas based on relative location, rules, and body weights. For example, we mathematically rank 114lb lifters from Wisconsin amongst 181lb lifters from Texas, based on many factors.

If we were to put this practice of relatively ranking entire programs and support of these programs (even historically), we could put together a strong argument that the village of Necedah (Population 916) and Necedah HS would compare with (or beat out) any program they are pared with. Considering a student body just over 200 students and the amount of state, national, and world champions in the past 15 years, Necedah is a special and extraordinary place for high school powerlifting.

I had a great time and would like to thank everyone for the amazing hospitality. See you in two weeks!


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