2013 IPF SubJr & Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Held in Killeen, TX – August 26 – September 1, 2013

Ian Bell

Before we started PowerliftingHigh.com, our first website was Powerlifting1.com.  This is where we learned the ropes of writing, photography, websites, and getting information out quicker than anyone else in Powerlifting.   We are light years away from perfection, but this site provided a jump start to our long term commitment to promoting High School & Collegiate Powerlifting.



Here are the reports and articles that we wrote for the 2013 IPF SubJr & Junior World Championships

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Yes, we wrote 13 articles!  It was a blast!!!


60 Day Nominations

21 Day Nominations – Thoughts and Schedule

2013 Team USA – Women’s Junior World Powerlifting

2013 Team USA – Men’s Junior World Powerlifting

Predictions and Paths to Victory for Team USA

Day 1 – LaChapelle, Zunker, La Coe, Burch, & Leos

Day 2 – Soto, Alaniz, Lent, Bulmash, Van Dusen, Stevenson, & Vang

Denisha Melancon

Day 3 – Melancon, Crawford, & Dunn

Day 4 – Dunks, Harrington, Jackson, & Czajkowski

Day 5 – Storks, Heath, Andrews, McKinney, & Ian Bell

Day 6 – Theisen, Parker, Garcia, & Vickery

Day 7 – Rodriguez, Scales, Harper, Turner, Dobbins, & Gonzales

Final Thoughts from Killeen, TX


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